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Summary of: Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are
By: Daniel Nettle


Dive into the captivating world of human personality with Daniel Nettle’s book ‘Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are’. Discover the intricate balance between our genetic makeup and childhood environment that shapes our personality. This intriguing summary enlightens the reader on the stability of adult personalities, highlights the importance of variety among personality traits for human survival, and explains the big five personality traits. Furthermore, the book thoroughly assesses the concept of a ‘perfect’ personality and the importance of understanding and managing our traits for long-term personal growth and happiness. Get ready to embark on a fascinating and insightful journey of self-discovery.

The Dual Nature of Personality

Personality is shaped both by genes and environment, with about 50% coming from genetics and the other half from childhood experiences and upbringing. Research on breeding guppies has demonstrated that certain traits are ingrained in an organism’s genetics, while childhood experiences can shape future behavior and personality. For example, being the oldest child may lead to a sense of responsibility that can extend into adulthood. Understanding the dual nature of personality can help us appreciate our unique traits and embrace our individuality.

The Impact of Childhood Personality

Our childhood environment has a significant impact on our personality, and it remains relatively stable throughout our adult years. A study conducted by a group of researchers showed that participants’ answers on a personality questionnaire remained consistent even after twelve years, indicating that personality is deeply rooted. Our personality affects every aspect of our lives, including how we react to different situations. For instance, someone who had an anxious personality as a child may feel scared when walking down an unfamiliar street at night, while an outgoing individual might find it exciting. Our personalities shape our decision-making process, which affects the path we take in life.

The Evolution of Human Personality

Evolutionary theory can explain the wide range of human personalities. Unlike in other species, there isn’t just one personality that best fits survival. Certain traits, which might be helpful in one situation, can be dangerous in others. For example, the bravery of Mount Everest climbers may make them ignore other serious threats. Therefore, to balance this out, we need cautious personalities to ensure the survival of our species. Through this balancing act, humans have developed a wide variety of personalities, and this diversity is crucial for our collective survival.

The 5 Personality Traits

Psychologists have identified five main personality traits that determine a person’s behavior and mindset. The first is Extraversion, which is associated with positive emotions. People with high levels of Extraversion tend to look on the bright side of things, making them adventurous and outgoing. The second trait is Neuroticism, which causes people to worry unnecessarily. Despite this, it can have survival advantages, as neurotics are more likely to prepare for danger. Understanding these traits can help us better understand ourselves and the people around us.

The Five Traits of Success

Success in career and life is closely related to five personality traits, known as the big five. The first of these is conscientiousness, which is the ability to set goals and work towards achieving them. People who are highly conscientious are likely to be successful in their careers. Agreeableness is the second trait, which is uniquely human as animals don’t display it. It refers to the willingness to sacrifice personal needs to help others and developed as a survival mechanism in our ancestors. Finally, the trait of openness, that makes people creative, imaginative or eccentric, is the least explored. People who have high levels of openness usually go out and explore the world, hoping to learn more about it. Understanding these traits can help us achieve our goals in life by making us self-disciplined and aware of our personalities.

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