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Summary of: Do More Great Work.: Stop the Busywork, and Start the Work That Matters
By: Michael Bungay Stanier


Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your career, drowning in a sea of unproductive bureaucratic processes and meaningless tasks? Then ‘Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork, and Start the Work That Matters’ by Michael Bungay Stanier is the book for you. It will assist you in transforming your daily grind into more than just a job, but rather a purposeful and impactful career. By exploring the book’s twelve ‘maps’, you will unlock the key to identifying what constitutes great work, understanding your unspoken commitments, and finding opportunities for achieving greatness in your chosen field.

Doing Great Work

Are you tired of doing work that is just okay or even terrible? Are you yearning for work that is inspiring and impactful? Then you need to do great work! But what is great work? It is work that is meaningful, contributes positively, and counts. However, defining great work is not easy, and there are six paradoxes to consider. For example, great work can be private or public, easy or difficult. To do more great work, you must identify and revise your subconscious behaviors that hinder your motivation. As you spend more than half your life at work, make it as productive, meaningful, and enjoyable as possible by doing great work.

Maps to Great Work

The key to finding and doing great work is using maps that guide you through directional questions. These maps will help you select the direction of your work, seek opportunities, evaluate choices, and hit the reset button if needed. Keep a journal to track your progress and team up with a “buddy” for support. With determination and the right tools, you can find success in your work and achieve your goals.

Work Mapping

Discover Your Perfect Work Mix and Map Out Your Career Path

Are you feeling lost in your career? Do you lack direction on where to go next? The solution is simple: work mapping. This involves creating a map of your current work, dividing it into three segments – bad work, good work, and great work. By determining the percentage of each segment and listing examples, you can pinpoint where you are and where you need to be. With this systematic reflection, you can discover your perfect work mix and map out your career path with precision. Don’t be lost anymore – start work mapping today.

Discovering Your Peak Moments

Reflect on your past successes to uncover the secrets to future greatness in “The Power of Moments”

Discovering what sets your greatest moments apart from the ordinary is the key to unlocking the path to future triumphs. “The Power of Moments” encourages readers to revisit their past successes and analyze what made them exceptional. Whether it was finding the solution to a challenging problem or delivering a remarkable project, these peak moments offer vital insight into future achievements. Take the time to identify your peak moments, record them, and strive to recreate them in upcoming endeavors. The past is a goldmine of clues towards a fulfilling and successful future.

Finding Your Best Self

The author recommends using metaphors to describe the experience of drinking a particular vodka to brand its taste and suggests applying the same approach to describe your best work moments. By identifying 20 words that describe you at your best, narrowing it down to 10, and comparing it with contrasting terms, you can clarify how you feel when operating at maximum efficiency. By posting the words that describe your best self, you can emulate that enthusiasm and drive and move your behavior from one column to another. This exercise helps you find your best self and improve your work mode.

Find Role Models

Discovering your role models is the key to personal growth and finding your desired path in life. Choosing eight role models, either famous individuals or everyday objects that inspire you, is a practical way to get started. Having these models in mind will help you make decisions when you feel stuck. You can ask yourself, “What would my role model do in this situation?” To remind yourself of the chosen models, it’s a good idea to place their pictures where you can see them daily. This exercise can help you determine who you aspire to be and establish a pathway for growth.

Mapping Your Path to Greatness

Create a map of your life to identify the most compelling aspects that matter to you. This will help you recognize opportunities to do great work and achieve clarity and self-mastery in various areas like community, relationships, money, and changes.

Circle of Control

The Circle of Control concept encourages individuals to identify and focus on elements within their control to achieve greater productivity. The theory involves picturing a series of concentric circles and starting with the immediate elements in one’s life, progressively moving outward towards larger elements. Individuals should isolate irritations within each circle that interfere with goal achievement. By reducing these aspects, individuals can enhance their work and reach their desired outcomes.

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