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Summary of: Own the Day: The Modern Guide to Total Human Optimization
By: Aubrey Marcus


Welcome to a transformative journey through ‘Own the Day: The Modern Guide to Total Human Optimization’ by Aubrey Marcus. This summary encapsulates the key insights and overarching message of the book, which seeks to equip you with practical strategies for maximizing your daily potential. Marcus emphasizes proper hydration, a well-balanced breakfast, nutrient-rich diets similar to our ancestors, the power of brief naps, reasonable workout goals, and the importance of regular sex for overall well-being. Dive in to discover actionable tips for a healthier, happier, and more satisfying life.

How to Start Your Day Feeling Recharged

Proper hydration is key to boosting energy and mood levels in the morning. If you start your day without hydrating, your brain and body will suffer from mild dehydration symptoms like headaches, irritability, and anxiety. Drinking coffee in the morning can produce similar effects as caffeine hits the bloodstream fast, triggering stress hormones to kick in or the fight-or-flight mode. Instead, a simple glass of water with lemon and salt can provide essential minerals that our body needs to function. This will not only keep you hydrated but boost your mood and energy levels without any unwanted side effects. Remember, to make the most of your mornings; start by hydrating your body first thing!

The Dangerous Breakfast Truths

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but many traditional breakfast options are packed with sugar, making them a risky choice for our health. Cereals, white bread, and packaged juices are simple carbohydrates with plenty of refined sugar and very little fiber. Consuming these foods causes our blood sugar levels to skyrocket, which lead to the release of insulin and long-term health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A proper breakfast can also impact society as a whole, as shown in a 2011 study where judges were more likely to grant parole when their blood sugar levels were high after breakfast or lunch. This highlights the importance of a balanced breakfast to promote healthy decision-making on a societal level. Next time you’re at the supermarket, opt for healthier breakfast options like whole-grain bread, protein, and fiber-rich foods to start your day off right.

Reconnecting with Ancestral Diets

Our modern lifestyles have deprived us of essential minerals, nutrients, and good bacteria that were once part of the ancestral human diet. Unlike our ancestors who consumed animals fed on nutritious wild vegetation and plants, which grew in mineral-rich soil, we eat products from undernourished animals raised on corn and crops grown on over-farmed land. Consequently, we lack essential nutrients and minerals vital for good health. However, we can still maintain a healthy diet by using supplements like Vitamin D since our modern lifestyles make it difficult to get ample exposure to the sun. The book argues for reconnecting with ancestral diets to enhance contemporary health.

The Power of Napping

Feeling sluggish at work after lunchtime? Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or an energy drink, consider taking a short nap. Studies have shown that a nap can increase cognitive and motor performance, improving reaction times, logical reasoning, and immunity. In a British experiment, naps were found to be more effective in boosting energy and alertness levels than caffeine or more nighttime sleep. Napping is not a new concept either, as prominent historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and Napoleon regularly took naps. Today, even tech giants like Google and Uber are promoting the benefits of napping by encouraging their employees to take a break and rest during work hours. By listening to your body and taking a nap, you can recharge and finish out your day in a healthier and more productive manner.

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