Sensitive Is the New Strong | Anita Moorjani

Summary of: Sensitive Is the New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World
By: Anita Moorjani


Sensitive Is the New Strong explores the world of empaths, individuals with high levels of intuition, who feel others’ emotions and understand their perspectives. Best-selling author Anita Moorjani encourages empaths to embrace their unique gifts and align themselves with the higher purpose of healing humanity. Tackling concepts such as the importance of self-love, compassion, empathy, and sensitivity, Moorjani provides actionable advice on self-care, setting boundaries, and embracing abundance. She also addresses the challenges faced by empathic women and emphasizes the necessity to honor one’s sensitivity to bring about societal healing.

The Gift of Empathy

Anita Moorjani’s book, explains that empaths are those who possess a high level of intuition, can feel emotions, and understand perspectives of others. This group differs from most of society, and their unique abilities are more valuable than ever today in multiple crises. Moorjani urges readers to discover if they are an empath and embrace their gift of healing humanity. Her unique experiences and perspectives from her near-death experience give her distinct credibility in the non-rational realm of emotions, spirituality, and intellect.

The Power of Empathy

Discover the traits and struggles of empaths or highly sensitive persons (HSPs) who feel emotions and absorb them. In her book, author Elaine Aron explores how these traits once seen as weaknesses can be harnessed for expansion, liberation, and connection. The book encourages empaths and HSPs to speak up, honor themselves, and love themselves despite feeling alienated in society. Readers can identify as empaths or HSPs if they fear disappointment, prefer creativity over routines, feel at home in nature, recharge their energy alone, and often feel overwhelmed by the world.

The Strength in Sensitivity

Empaths, people who have abilities to feel the emotions of others, often create tough facades called ‘layers’ to mask their vulnerabilities. These layers can lead to unhealthy, escapist behaviors, such as overeating or presentation as detached and aloof. The inability to discern other people’s emotions from one’s own and the need to prioritize the feelings of others before one’s self is a significant downside of being an empath. Instead of escaping the world, one should embrace sensitivity as strength and superpower.

Embrace your Sensitive Side

Nancy Joy Sleeth urges readers to embrace their sensitive nature and hone their strengths by spending at least 24 hours a week away from electronic devices. She advocates for trusting and relying on intuition while grounding oneself through activities such as deep breathing, meditation, and communing with nature. By avoiding knee-jerk reactions and cultivating a gentle demeanor, one can manage their energy levels and mood, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Empaths, Strengthen Your Ego

In this book, the author challenges the common belief that ego is the enemy of the true self. Instead, the author argues that empaths need to strengthen their egos to avoid prioritizing others’ needs above their own. By using the ego to expand empathy and awareness, empaths can learn to love themselves, take care of their needs, and live successful, authentic lives. Without a healthy ego, empaths may become doormats and allow others to take advantage of them. Setting boundaries is crucial to protect oneself.

Energy Optimization

Your thoughts dictate your physical health, and absorbing negative thoughts can lead to poor well-being. Eastern spiritual healing traditions recognize this life force energy, referred to as your “shakti” or “prana.” Engage in practices that invigorate you and connect with your body through meditation. Identify energy drains and uplifters to take care of yourself and your community.

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