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Summary of: Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World
By: Shaman Durek


In ‘Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World,’ Shaman Durek challenges conventional notions of happiness and success. This book summary explores the concept of the matrix, a system that keeps us confined to a predictable, mundane existence. The summary also delves into shamanism, an ancient practice that opens our perception to dimensions and energies far beyond our everyday reality. It examines essential tools needed to step outside the matrix and discover one’s authentic self – including techniques to break free from materialism, fundamental beliefs, and methods to banish darkness from our lives.

Escaping the Matrix

Shaman Durek argues that the matrix, a system of rules and regulations that governs our lives, funnels us into a mediocre existence, steering us away from the pursuit of true happiness. Through this system, we are constantly drugged and brainwashed into thinking that a conventional lifestyle, such as a prestigious education, a well-paying job, and a mortgage on a family home, is the key to our happiness. The matrix also keeps us confined in boxes with labels like race, gender, and religious beliefs, preventing us from exploring the rich variety inherent in humanity that can offer us different choices. Moreover, the system is an instrument of darkness, causing conflicts and isolation among humans. Despite its power, we can escape the matrix by understanding shamanism and dismantling the system to liberate ourselves from its clutches.

The Reality of Shamanism

The ancient practice of shamanism teaches us that there is more to the universe than what meets the eye. Shamans believe in infinite dimensions and energies, and everything on Earth contains a life force and spirit of its own. Shamans communicate with spirits to restore balance and harmony. The author, a spirit shaman, acts as a vessel for spirits to flow through in his sessions. Through shamanism, we can break free from the matrix that controls our lives.

Free Your Mind

The book delves into how society shapes our desires for materialistic possessions through the high glamor, which convinces us that flashy cars, big houses, and high social status are all we need to be happy. To break free from this superficial lifestyle, the author suggests that we step outside the matrix and discover our authentic self. However, this is easier said than done as we are easily distracted by the glitz of consumerism and our wills have become weak. To strengthen our will, the author recommends a shamanic technique known as fire scrying.
To practice this technique, sit in a dark room with five candles, with four candles in a circle around you – one for each direction on the compass. Place the fifth candle in front of you, then light all five candles and set your timer for five minutes. Look directly into the burning flame in front of you and hold a particular thought in your mind for the whole five minutes. This practice helps you nurture the fire inside of you and break out of the matrix to discover the truth about yourself.

Success: It’s Closer Than You Think

Success isn’t far away if you change your beliefs and mindset. Let go of the belief that it takes time and hard work. The future is already happening, and you can achieve your dreams sooner by changing your tense and thinking of them as already achieved.

If you want to create a successful and authentic life, you need to equip yourself not only with self-awareness but also with some powerful beliefs. One of the most crucial beliefs is that success doesn’t require a lot of time and hard work, and it isn’t far away. All of us are born with unlimited creative power and potential. To make the success happen sooner than later, you need to let go of the belief that you need to pay your dues and suffer for your dreams. This is because time isn’t linear; instead, it’s nonlinear. According to shamanism, the present, past, and future coexist, and the future is continuously changing depending on the choices you make in each moment. Therefore, start talking about your goals as if they are already taking place instead of talking about them as a hypothetical future. This shift in tense will help your mind to create a concrete reality. When your ego is motivated to make the future conform to your minds’ expectations, it will lead you to turn your aspirations into reality. Hence, it would help if you believed that success is closer than you think, and it doesn’t require you to wait for the future to arrive.

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