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Summary of: The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (Updated and Expanded Edition)
By: Bradley Nelson


In ‘The Emotion Code’, Bradley Nelson explores the idea of trapped emotions, which are powerful invisible forces that impact our thoughts, feelings, and health. This book summary highlights the significant effects of trapped emotions on our lives and introduces an accessible, user-friendly therapeutic technique for locating and releasing them, known as The Emotion Code. By tapping into ancient wisdom and understanding the interconnected energetic nature of our bodies, we can achieve a more balanced and healthy mental and emotional state. Dive into the world of energy healing and discover how releasing trapped emotions can lead to abundant health, love, and happiness.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Emotions

In “Bradley Nelson,” the author presents a straightforward approach to unraveling the mysteries of emotions and releasing trapped emotional energy. The book empowers readers to identify the root cause of emotional pain and overcome it. The author’s technique called the Emotion Code helps readers to recognize and release trapped emotions that are holding them back from achieving their goals and living a fulfilling life. Through case studies, readers learn how to release emotional baggage that prevents them from experiencing profound love, joy, and peace in their lives. Ultimately, Bradley Nelson is an inspiring and practical guide to emotional healing that will resonate with a wide age range of readers.

Trapped Emotions

Emotions can become trapped within us and impact our thoughts, feelings, and health without our awareness. To live a healthy emotional life, we need to understand the process of experiencing emotions fully. Trapped emotions result when this process is interrupted, and they can affect us without our knowledge. These emotions often stem from negative experiences such as stress, loss, or rejection. The impact on our lives can be significant, as demonstrated by the story of Julia, who became stuck during her qualifying exam until she identified a trapped emotion around discouragement from her parents’ divorce at fifteen years old. After releasing this trapped emotion, she succeeded in her test.

Building a Healthy Mind and Body with The Emotion Code

Recent research affirms the ancient wisdom that our bodies are made up of energy and to stay healthy, we need to balance this energy. Quantum physics reveals that atoms are mainly empty space, and the Emotion Code, a therapeutic technique introduced in this book, helps to heal the mind and body by releasing unhealthy energy. Human energy is interconnected in complex ways, and even a person’s energy can infect an entire room. Negative energy can alter everything around it. The Emotion Code helps us to understand trapped emotions that block our energy flow and cause health problems.

The Power of Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are invisible but powerful forces that can affect our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. They are like balls of energy lodged within us and can cause physical symptoms and negative emotions. The Emotion Code therapy can help release these emotional blockages that may have been created years before. A client with chest pain and difficulty breathing was tested positive for heartache, which was caused by her husband having an affair three years prior. Though she thought she had processed the pain in therapy, the trapped emotion was still present, causing physical symptoms. After it was released, her symptoms vanished, and she felt freer than ever before. Trapped emotions can also be the root cause of phobias; one client who had a phobia of flying was cured after a trapped emotion of helplessness from a past incident was located and released. Releasing trapped emotions is essential as they can lead to physical ailments over time.

Emotions and Physical Pain

Trapped emotions can cause physical pain in the body, and ancient physicians observed correlations between certain emotions and physical issues. The Emotion Code uses a chart to locate trapped emotions, and releasing them can alleviate physical pain, unlike medication that only treats pain superficially.

Our emotions not only affect our mental well-being, but they also have a physical impact on our bodies. Debbie’s heartache caused physical pain mimicking a heart attack, as trapped emotions often manifest in physical pain when ignored for too long. These trapped emotions are made up of energy that influences the tissue around them, which is why releasing them can alleviate physical pain.

Ancient physicians observed that people who experienced certain emotions were likely to have corresponding physical issues. For example, living a life full of anger often resulted in liver or gallbladder trouble, and grief overload led to lung or colon problems. The Emotion Code identifies trapped emotions and their corresponding area of the body with a chart that is available online for free.

Thousands of clients have been treated with Emotion Code, and their excruciating physical pain was immediately alleviated after releasing trapped emotions. A client with constant problems with his legs, knees, and back, developing arthritis, had his pain disappear after releasing resentment, anger, and fear. Another client suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, a condition that affects every joint in the body, often causing debilitating pain, saw his pain go from eight to one after a single Emotion Code session.

Modern Western medicine treats pain with medication that numbs or drowns out the problem. However, paying attention to our pain and finding the true source of it can help us cure ourselves in a more profound way. Releasing trapped emotions can help alleviate physical pain and treat pain at its root.

Unleashing Truth with Muscle Testing

The subconscious mind knows the truth, even when the conscious mind doesn’t. Discover how muscle testing, a simple process developed in the 1960s, offers the opportunity to access this hidden truth. Dr. Goodheart originally created muscle testing to address structural imbalances in the skeleton but found that it could open an avenue of communication directly to the subconscious mind. Muscle testing is a process where practitioners can get information about deep truths by asking questions and testing the subject’s responses. There are various methods, but the most common one is the arm test. Practitioners ask a question and apply a small amount of pressure to the client’s wrist. If the client tests strong, their arm won’t move, but it will drop if they test weak. By practicing muscle testing, both yourself and others can access trapped emotions that can impact your wellbeing.

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