The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success | Deepak Chopra

Summary of: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams
By: Deepak Chopra


Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with our summary of Deepak Chopra’s ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams’. This book will guide you through understanding the power of your true Self, finding peace through acceptance and silence, and manifesting your desires by cultivating positive thoughts and detachment. You will learn the importance of giving and receiving, conscious choice-making, and striving for your life’s purpose. Designed to enlighten and empower, this summary is packed with wisdom for readers seeking to achieve success and spiritual fulfillment.

Connectedness and Self-Discovery

Have you ever experienced a moment of profound silence in nature? This powerful connection to the universe can unlock your true Self and limitless potential. To achieve this, you must dissolve your ego and cultivate inner peace through silent meditation.

Accept and Grow

The key to lasting peace and growth in life is accepting difficult situations and practicing defencelessness. By facing problems rather than fighting them, we can learn valuable lessons and grow as individuals. Defencelessness means letting go of the need to convince others of our opinions and having open discussions without hostility or dogmatism.

Finding True Security

Owning material possessions can never provide true security. Real security comes from recognizing your true Self and detaching from desires.

Do you believe that owning that dream car or amassing wealth and material goods will bring you security and happiness? Think again. Attachment to material possessions leads to anxiety and distrust of the universe. The truth is, material possessions can never truly provide safety or security. Economic downturns can wipe out your savings and property in an instant, leaving you feeling disheartened.

So, what is true security? It can only be achieved by recognizing your true Self. By realizing your true essence, you will find that even the fear of death disappears. Your body and mind will dissolve, and your true Self will remain in the field of energy that gives birth to all new life in the universe.

Ironically, the more you detach yourself from your desires, the more likely they are to become reality. Often, people obsessively attach themselves to finding a mate or achieving a goal and spend hours on end pursuing them. The universe usually steps in only after these individuals give up and let go of their ego. Then, as if by magic, the right people and opportunities finally present themselves.

In essence, true security is not found in material possessions, but rather by connecting to the energy field that is the true nature of the universe. This energy field alone has the power to make our desires become reality. So, instead of attaching yourself to material possessions or desires, detach yourself and find true security.

Flowing Wealth and Love

The concept of success through flowing wealth and love is explored in “The Science of Getting Rich.” The Latin root of “currency” means to flow, and the author stresses that hoarding money and not giving love impede natural cycles of giving and receiving. Instead, investing in education and giving others what you hope to receive can lead to greater success and happiness. This applies not just to money but to all forms of social currency, emphasizing the importance of balanced giving and receiving in relationships and society.


“The Science of Getting Rich” reveals that accumulating wealth isn’t the only path to success. The Latin root of “currency” meaning “to flow” indicates the importance of letting money move to allow prosperity for society and its members. Savings aren’t as fruitful as wise investments in education, leading to more significant returns. The same approach applies to social currency such as love, friendship, and support. Giving away what you hope to receive creates a balanced cycle of giving and taking, bringing rewards to all parties. Relationships suffer if people solely focus on receiving love, forgetting to reciprocate it. Therefore, balance in giving and receiving is fundamental for individuals and society.

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