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Summary of: Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It
By: Bob Goff


Welcome to the book summary of ‘Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It’ by Bob Goff. This empowering book will guide you through reconnecting with your dreams, finding out who you are, and getting back on track with your life goals. Be prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and understanding your deepest desires. You will learn the importance of being specific about what you want, overcoming limiting beliefs, and taking bold steps towards your dreams. We’ll also discuss how to be audacious and persistent in your pursuit of success. Let’s dive in and begin this inspiring adventure.

Rediscover Yourself and Dreams

It’s common for people to lose sight of their dreams and aspirations due to various life circumstances. To rekindle those lost passions, it’s essential to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Setting aside dedicated time for self-examination helps uncover deep desires and motivations. Facing challenging truths and fears may be initially daunting, but understanding one’s true essence is a vital step to pursue dreams and achieve personal goals.

In the pursuit of life goals, it’s easy to veer off course and lose touch with personal dreams. Numerous factors contribute to this, including being engulfed in an unfulfilling career or relationship, or worrying about finances. To get back on track, it’s crucial to reconnect with your true identity.

Undertaking self-discovery is similar to meeting an old friend after a long absence. It requires setting aside dedicated time, treating it with the same commitment and importance as a doctor’s appointment. Some individuals take this process so seriously that they schedule a weekly routine to focus solely on self-reflection.

Delving into self-examination can be an intimidating experience. It necessitates confronting uncomfortable truths, emotions, and fears that have been buried away. Through this process, you might uncover long-held desires to live abroad, go to college, or have children, which may involve making difficult decisions in your life.

To access your deepest motivations, envision your mind as a wintery landscape with snow-covered surfaces and hidden ice caves. The snow represents superficial thoughts and concerns, while the caves hold the true essence of your being. Entering these profound recesses of your consciousness enables you to uncover your genuine desires, and it’s in that space where you can deeply connect with your long-forgotten dreams.

Embarking on this journey of self-discovery is key to aligning with your true identity and reviving your lost aspirations. Through this introspective exploration, you’ll cultivate a clearer understanding of your deepest desires, motivating you to prioritize and pursue your personal goals.

Where Are You Now?

Adam and Eve, after disobeying God, hid from Him and were ashamed. Similarly, people in difficult situations often hide from the truth of their lives. But to grow and improve, we must be honest about where we are, no matter how harsh that reality may seem. By admitting and accepting our present situation, we can turn it into a starting line for the life we truly desire.

The Bible tells the story of Adam and Eve, who felt deep shame after disobeying God and went into hiding. When God asked, “Where are you?” He wasn’t inquiring about their physical location — He wanted to know their spiritual and mental state. This question is vital for anyone faced with life’s challenges seeking a path forward.

To get your life on track, you need to be brutally honest with yourself about your current situation. This is no easy feat; it requires immense courage and introspection. Recognize the tough realities of your life: being trapped within an addiction, feeling lost in an unsatisfying marriage, or drowning in a mundane job. These admissions can be shared with a trusted friend or committed to paper if verbalizing them is too difficult.

Don’t shy away from expressing how you truly feel, even if it means acknowledging pain, loss, or devastation. Life can be complex and merciless, but embracing your current state is therapeutic and essential for growth. Understand that regardless of how far you are from your ideal life, it’s fine to wish for better circumstances.

And once you’ve accepted your current position, a transformation will begin. Instead of seeing your current predicament as the end, consider it the starting line from which you can advance toward a brighter future. This acceptance will inspire hope and reignite excitement about the endless possibilities ahead of you. So, ask yourself the crucial question, “Where are you now?” and let the journey to your desired life commence.

Clarity in Dreaming Big

Embrace honesty and specificity when envisioning your life goals. Write down your dreams and translate them into actionable, concrete objectives. Don’t limit yourself due to difficulty, but recognize that clarity in your ambitions fuels purpose and inspiration for the future.

In understanding your current life situation, it’s essential to look forward to where you want to be without any restraint or self-censorship. Embrace your deepest desires, whether that’s having a luxury car, a beachfront home, or embarking on a meaningful career journey. Denying the truth about your desires will only lead to future regret.

Start by listing your aspirations, such as working for an innovative company, exploring uncharted terrains, or owning unique pets. Then, refine those dreams into explicit goals. Vague ambitions will never materialize into action.

For instance, transform the cloudy notion of “being more generous” into a tangible objective, like establishing a food bank for your community. This shift serves as a crucial, actionable roadmap, moving you closer to accomplishing your goal.

Remember not to limit your dreams because of innate challenges. Doubt and fear can hinder your pursuit even before starting, but apparent difficulties shouldn’t dictate your ambitions. Take a moment to ponder a lofty goal, like winning a Nobel Prize for physics. You may experience failures along the way, but with clear, specific steps, this dream is more achievable than you may initially think.

Embracing honesty, specificity, and determination while naming your ambitions can unlock exciting horizons, replacing feelings of hopelessness and stagnation with inspiration and purpose. Dare to dream big, and make your visions tangible, as this will propel you towards a life filled with achievements, satisfaction, and personal growth.

Vet Your Dreams Wisely

Organize your goals by evaluating their significance, long-lasting effects, impact on others, and feasibility. By doing so, you can confidently pursue big dreams with lasting fulfillment while also enjoying smaller achievements.

When you have a collection of dreams and ambitions, it’s crucial to categorize and prioritize them based on their value to you and their attainability. Remember that focusing on substantial, meaningful aspirations can lead to deeper satisfaction. However, never discount the boost you receive from accomplishing those smaller goals, like mastering roller skating, as they can propel you toward grander pursuits.

When deciding which objective to tackle, contemplate the lifespan of your dream. Consider whether it will still matter a decade or a century from now. Some desires, such as owning an extravagant sports car, may seem important today but lose their significance as life progresses. Think about whether you’d still cherish that flashy Lamborghini as much in your golden years, or would it merely become a costly chunk of metal?

Another essential aspect to evaluate is whether your dream benefits others or solely yourself. While nothing is wrong with having personal desires, dreams that contribute to others’ well-being generally offer a richer sense of gratification. Strive for goals that illuminate your passions while positively impacting the world around you.

As you examine your aspirations, reflect on the legacy you’d like to leave behind. Imagine how people you know, and perhaps even those you don’t, will remember you. Aiming to establish a unique, enduring legacy can assist you in identifying the most crucial dreams to fulfill.

Lastly, ponder the feasibility of your dream. While challenging goals should not be swiftly dismissed, there is a fine line between ambitious dreams and those that are simply unattainable. For example, no matter how committed you are, a round trip to Jupiter remains out of reach at present.

In conclusion, sorting and vetting your dreams helps ensure you pursue the ones that bring enduring happiness while enjoying the smaller victories along the way. By evaluating the importance, longevity, impact, and plausibility of your aspirations, you’ll be better equipped to navigate your journey to success.

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