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Summary of: Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life
By: David K. Hatch


Welcome to the insightful world of ‘Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life’ by David K. Hatch, where you will learn that greatness is attainable by everyone, even ordinary individuals. This book summary delves into three significant choices that shape a meaningful life: ‘The Choice to Act’, ‘The Choice of Purpose’, and ‘The Choice for Principles’. Through inspiring real-life stories of individuals exhibiting courage, integrity, and dignity, you’ll discover how acting in accordance with values and long-term goals can lead to greatness. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of character and contribution in everyday lives and find direction from your inner compass.

Everyday Greatness

Greatness is not limited to the powerful and famous. Ordinary people can achieve it through their character, principles, and purpose. The book highlights three choices everyone faces every day: the choice to act, the choice of purpose, and the choice for principles. By following universal principles such as innovation, quality, empathy, perseverance, and balance, individuals can attain everyday greatness. It is distinct from secondary greatness, which involves wealth, fame, and prestige. The book includes stories of ordinary people who achieve greatness through their character and contributions to society.

The Power of Giving

Giving to others not only helps those in need but can also bring meaning and purpose to our own lives. This is demonstrated by the actions of Vedran Smailović, a cellist who played his music in the midst of war, and William Griffith Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Smailović played his cello in the streets of Sarajevo, despite the danger of constant gunfire and bombings, to bring a sense of hope and defiance to his beleaguered community. Similarly, Wilson, who struggled with alcoholism himself, found purpose by helping others overcome their addictions and creating a supportive community. These stories show that giving to others can bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose to our own lives, and that even small acts of kindness can make a significant impact on those around us. Whether through charity, volunteer work, or simply reaching out to those in need, giving to others is a powerful way to improve both the lives of others and our own well-being.

Courage in the Face of Adversity

Luba Gercak and Joe Paterno inspire readers through their exceptional courage and dedication. In her time at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Gercak risked her life to care for and save Dutch children from the Nazis. Her bravery and compassion prove that life demands courage. Paterno, on the other hand, turned down a million-dollar offer to coach a football team to stay true to his passion for helping young men develop into better individuals. His story highlights the importance of dedication, which is essential to achieving success not only in sales but also in life. Both stories demonstrate the transformative power of a strong will and purpose. We must continually strive to be of service to others, and that dedication, paired with hard work, perseverance, and moral courage, is the key to achieving one’s goals.

Lessons in Integrity

A collection of heartwarming stories that highlight the importance of integrity even when no one is watching. A young boy learns the value of doing the right thing, a lawyer sacrifices a high-paying job to help homeless veterans, and a grandfather teaches his family the importance of never giving up. These inspiring tales show how integrity can shape our lives in meaningful ways and impact those around us.

Vision: The Power to Change Your World

A woman transformed her world, one bulb at a time through her vision. Visitors marveled at the beautiful garden of thousands of daffodils on a mountain. Unknown to them, one woman started it in 1958 with just two hands, two feet, and little brain. Johnny Carson, the Tonight Show host for 30 years, was a perfectionist who diligently worked on his monologues, constantly seeking new material. Though he appeared unrehearsed, his wit was the product of hard work. These stories drive home the point that with vision, one can create beauty, while in its absence, everything is dull. Breaking bad habits requires hard work and cannot disappear miraculously.

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