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Summary of: Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success
By: Brian Tracy


Welcome to our book summary of ‘Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success’ by Brian Tracy. In this summary, you’ll learn about the importance of having a personal ‘flight plan’ to navigate your life’s journey filled with inevitable turbulence and unexpected deviations. Drawing inspiration from the strategies of airline pilots and military leaders, this powerful summary will teach you how to create clear, achievable goals, make well-thought-out plans, act with courage, and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Just like an aircraft taking off and landing at its destination, you can overcome life’s challenges and achieve success by following these powerful insights.

Life is a Flight Plan

Life is like a flight with constantly blowing elements, making us drift off course. Despite this, we can still achieve our goals and become who we want to be. How? By having our own personal “flight plan.” This plan consists of 12 steps, and the first involves launching yourself. Remember, even planes are off course 99% of the time, yet they still reach their destination as scheduled. So let your journey begin, and with your flight plan in hand, you can get to where you want to be.

Achieving Your Ideal Life

Everyone wants to live a healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling life. To achieve this, you must have a positive attitude and believe that you can accomplish your goals. By becoming an optimistic “glass half-full” person, you can visualize and emotionalize your ideal life, setting both optimistic and realistic goals for yourself along the way. The book reminds us that our thoughts create our reality and encourages readers to take a long-range view of their goals and see themselves in the future. To help conceptualize your ideal future, the author suggests four tools: verbalization (writing down your goals), visualization (picturing yourself in the future), emotionalization (imagining how content and happy you will feel when you achieve your goals), and rationalization (listing the reasons to achieve your goals along with their benefits). Adopting this mindset and incorporating these tools mean you can achieve the life you’ve dreamed of.

Endless Possibilities

The path to achieving your goals is filled with options. If one doesn’t work, move on to the next. Whether it’s becoming wealthy or anything else, list all available options. Don’t settle for less and be prepared to work hard. Hope is not a plan.

When flying from Miami to New York, the plane might stop in different cities, and that’s how achieving goals works too. If one option fails, move on to the next. The possibilities are endless, so make a list of all the options available to reach your goals. For instance, if becoming wealthy is your aim, consider starting a new business, buying an existing one, investing in real estate or taking on a lucrative franchise agreement. However, be prepared to work hard and do the same for over 20 years, as it’s the typical time frame for millionaires to achieve their wealth. Being optimistic is great, but it’s also important to be realistic. Don’t settle for second best; if you don’t succeed, try a new approach. Always refer back to your list and keep reminding yourself that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Lastly, remember that hope is not a plan.

Seven Steps for Effective Goal Setting

Goals need to be specific, realistic and planned to make them a reality. This book highlights seven essential steps for setting goals and achieving them: be specific, write out goals, establish deadlines, identify roadblocks, learn new skills, identify people who can help, and develop a step-by-step plan. Success is achievable through a positive attitude, clear goals, solid plans, and hard work. Procrastination is the biggest roadblock to achieving goals, thus acting now is the key to success. The book encourages readers to focus on working towards their most important goals.

Smart Traveling Tips

Don’t be caught unprepared when traveling. Smart travelers always carry a small bag with everything they will need if their luggage gets lost. In the same way, Napoleon Bonaparte planned for bad luck and made allowances for every possible outcome in battle. His approach applies to life too. To avoid obstacles derailing your goals, create a checklist of potential issues and have backup plans in place. Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Boldly embarking on your journey

Once you’ve set your destination, mapped out alternative routes, and created a solid plan with clear goals, the next step is to take action. Unfortunately, many people fear taking that first step or do so half-heartedly, which is doomed to fail. Just as a pilot cannot lift off at half-speed, you cannot start your journey without full commitment and courage. The good news is, you can teach yourself to be brave. Your first step into the unknown is an act of courage, and each subsequent step becomes easier. So be bold and take that first step towards your dreams.

Overcoming Obstacles

As a pilot, turbulence is part of the job, and similarly, obstacles are a part of the journey towards your goals. Rather than turning around, it’s better to remain calm and think of solutions instead of problems. By asking yourself questions, your mind automatically starts seeking answers, providing solutions to your challenges. Thinking of obstacles as situations or challenges helps you rise to the occasion, making all the difference in achieving your goals.

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