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Summary of: From the Heart: Eight Rules to Live By
By: Robin Roberts


In ‘From the Heart: Eight Rules to Live By’, Robin Roberts, the host of Good Morning America, shares her secrets to success through her personal experiences and the teachings of her parents. Growing up in a military family, Roberts learned perseverance and adaptability, values that served her well in her journey as a broadcast journalist and sportscaster. Her story sheds light on how sports can help girls develop confidence and teamwork, the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own life, and the power of resilience in overcoming setbacks. Furthermore, she offers thought-provoking insights into striking the right balance when following one’s heart, overcoming prejudice through gentle persistence, and the significance of faith in her life.

Robin Roberts: Learning Perseverance and Success from Family Values

Robin Roberts, the Good Morning America host attributes her success to the example set by her parents and the way she was brought up. Her father was a Tuskegee Airmen, and her mother was a Democratic Party activist who also attended the prestigious, historically black Howard University. Her upbringing taught her to take responsibility for her own actions and resilience in dealing with adversity. Roberts’ ability to vie for opportunities came from her father’s insistence on taking advantage of each chance as they appeared. He taught her how sometimes luck presents a path, and you have to be ready to step in immediately.

Growing up, Roberts’ family moved frequently due to her father’s career in the military. High school presented another challenge as she battled it out in basketball. Her coach taught her that even if she was competing against stronger opponents, she should not lose heart. Roberts learned that confidence is a veneer and sometimes even the mightiest players are vulnerable on the inside. However, taking action is the best way to overcome self-doubt. As boxing star Floyd Paterson once said, “I’ve been knocked down more than any heavyweight champion in history. But I’ve gotten up more than any heavyweight champion in history. Don’t forget that.”

Roberts’ parents were hardcore in insisting that their children take responsibility for their lives. She learned that testing makes you tough, and persevering through hard times while staying alert for your chance leads you to success. She applies a unique approach to multitasking by completing the project at hand before proceeding to work on the next. Roberts’ upbringing instilled the no-whine zone culture, resilience, and self-responsibility in her. These values contributed to her success as a media personality.

Journey to Becoming a Sportscaster

Robin Roberts, a former college athlete, shares her inspiring journey from being a college athlete to becoming a prominent sportscaster. Through her story, she emphasizes the importance of following one’s heart, focusing on developing skills instead of relying on appearances, and never letting anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

Robin Roberts, a renowned sportscaster, believes that sports have the power to teach important life lessons. In her opinion, sports are especially useful for girls as it helps them to learn not to fear competition, but instead develop valuable skills. Roberts once dreamt of becoming a sports star, but as she matured, she realized that it was not a realistic goal. She then decided to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, like her older sister.

Roberts received a tennis scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University, with a promise that she could play on the basketball team as well. Despite the school’s lack of a communication department, the coach convinced her to attend the small school, arguing that she would grow with it. As she settled into college life and sports, in her second year, she started to question herself, wondering whether the path she had taken was right for her. Sally-Ann, her older sister, proved to know her better than she knew herself. She advised Roberts to pursue a career in sportscasting, combining her passion for sports with her interest in journalism.

Initially, Roberts was unsure of this new direction. She saw no women, particularly African-American women, in the sportscasting profession at the time, and she lacked self-confidence. However, Roberts started by delivering news briefs on a local radio station, until the owner allowed her to give sports a try. Despite being scared, Roberts pushed forward, leading her to higher heights in her career.

Roberts’s journey teaches valuable lessons. She highlights the importance of self-confidence, never letting anyone tell you what you can’t do, and doing things that make you happy, not just for money or glory. She learned to visualize her goals, listen to her inner voice, and never let fear hold her back. Roberts’s story is a compelling reminder to all to follow their dreams, strive for excellence, and never give up.

Lessons from a Trailblazing Sportscaster

Robin Roberts shares her journey to success as a sportscaster, emphasizing that the path to success varies for each person, and there is no secret to achieving it. Roberts’ journey began at WLOX in Biloxi, where she worked as a sports reporter before receiving an offer to become a prime time news anchor. Instead of accepting the offer, Roberts pursued a position as a sports reporter at an award-winning station in Nashville, where she learned important broadcasting skills and valuable life lessons. Roberts’ hard work and talent caught the attention of the profession, and she was simultaneously offered jobs at a station in Atlanta and ESPN. Despite her dream to work for ESPN, Roberts decided to take the job in Atlanta, recognizing that she still had much to learn. Throughout her climb, Roberts acknowledges that her success would not have been possible without the support of her mentors, colleagues, family, and friends.

Overcoming Prejudice

Journalist Robin Roberts shares her experiences growing up in Mississippi amidst prevalent racism and gender biases. Despite these challenges, she was instilled with a mentality of perseverance and gentleness by her parents, who never allowed her to blame her failures on discrimination. With their guidance, Roberts pursued her passion as a sports journalist, breaking gender barriers along the way. She believes that prejudice is gradually dissolving with each generation and encourages everyone to pursue what they love.

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