How Luck Happens | Janice Kaplan

Summary of: How Luck Happens: Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life
By: Janice Kaplan


Embark on a journey to explore your luck as you discover surprising truths behind fortune and chance in ‘How Luck Happens’ by Janice Kaplan. This book summary sheds light on the intersection of chance, talent, and hard work, providing insights on how to increase your luck through preparation and seizing opportunities. Learn how passion, persistence, and strategic placement can help you stand out from the crowd and turn the odds in your favor. Throughout this summary, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on maximizing opportunities in different areas of life – from work and love to creating ‘lucky’ children and avoiding bad luck.

Mastering the Art of Luck

Many people believe that luck is something out of our control, occurring randomly. However, luck is more tangible than that. Luck is not the same as chance, but chance does play a part. Luck is the product of chance converging with talent and hard work. Thus, we can control luck. We should ignore chance and focus on what we can control. Luck is like a slot machine; we can ensure that two out of three cherries are always lined up, increasing our chances of the third one falling into place. Hard work, curiosity, and seizing opportunities are critical factors that shape luck. In a survey conducted by the authors, 67 percent of the respondents believed that hard work played a role in their luck, and 64 percent thought that luck depended on curiosity and seeking opportunities.

How to Improve Your Luck

Improve your luck through persistence, placement, and thinking differently. Combine persistence and passion with placement to increase your probability of success. To stand out from the crowd, develop a unique approach and go against the flow. Dick Fosbury’s midair rotation became known as the Fosbury Flop and won him a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics. Putting yourself in places where opportunities are likely to arise and going against the flow are the keys to getting luck on your side.

Secrets to Increasing Your Luck

Learn two techniques to help you be ready when an opportunity comes knocking: establish a wide network of acquaintances and diversify your life. With these techniques, you can increase the likelihood of success and be ready to spot lucky breaks when they come your way. Applying these practical examples to everyday life can help you turn a small lucky break into a life-changing opportunity.

Standing Out in Job Hunt

The key to getting selected for a job is to be in the third pile, where people stand out. To be in this pile, you need to have connections that can uplift you. Effort is what informs the hiring decision, so always strive to put in extra effort. Even with advantages, hard work is necessary to achieve success.

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