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Summary of: How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving
By: Kathlyn Hendricks


In the book ‘How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving’ by Kathlyn Hendricks, we explore the essential aspects of mindful loving that help us build strong bonds with our partners in adulthood. These five aspects, known as the five A’s, are attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allowing others to be who they are. The summary delves into the importance of these five A’s in both building a coherent identity and fostering personal power and serenity. Furthermore, it uncovers how our childhood experiences influence our behavior in adult relationships and emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and commitment in maintaining healthy connections.

The Five A’s of Love

The author discusses the importance of attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allowing in building strong, healthy, and loving relationships.

As children, our emotional needs are met by our parents, who provide attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allow us to be ourselves. These five A’s, according to the author, are pivotal to developing self-esteem and a coherent personality. They’re also crucial to building robust adult relationships.

The five A’s correspond to different ways we can show love and care for our partners. Attention means being a mindful witness to our partner’s experiences, including their emotional pain and past traumas. Acceptance, the bedrock of a healthy relationship, involves mutual acceptance of each other’s strengths and limitations. Appreciation entails supporting our partners in the pursuit of their dreams and valuing their gifts. Affection means holding and touching our partners in respectful and caring ways, thus fulfilling our innate need for safety and security. Finally, allowing involves accepting life’s ups and downs without trying to control the outcomes.

At every stage of our lives, we all need to feel the love and nurturance of attuned, loving people. By attending to our partner’s emotional needs and being mindful of their experiences, we build strong and healthy relationships. The five A’s help us foster personal power, cultivate inner peace, and become better at loving and being loved.

Childhood Traumas and Adult Relationships

David Richo’s personal experience reveals that childhood can leave deep emotional scars that influence our behaviors in adult relationships. The unmet “five A’s” of parenting- attachment, attention, affection, appreciation, and acceptance, can potentially leave individuals vulnerable to abuse and self-blame in adulthood. Many people who grew up in abusive households often unknowingly reenact the past in their relationships, leading to emotional turmoil. To heal past traumas and break out of this vicious cycle, individuals must grieve past feelings of loss or neglect and share painful memories with people they trust. This process enables individuals to understand, accept, and allow their emotions, subsequently learning how to give and receive abundant love and trust.

Mindfulness in Psychology

Discover how combining western psychology and mindfulness techniques helps clients deal with negative thoughts and emotions. The author encourages clients to pay attention to their feelings and hold onto them until they change or reveal something deeper. Clients then learn to notice their thoughts and feelings through meditation and let them go using the five A’s: attending, accepting, appreciating, feeling affection, and allowing. This practice takes patience and discipline, similar to the labor of baking bread.

Love Yourself to Find Love

Love is more than just a happy accident and can be found when we take care of ourselves. This book emphasizes the importance of respecting ourselves to engage in rewarding relationships and offers advice on how to do so. Before going on dates, we should make an unconditional promise not to change ourselves to please someone else and remember to prioritize our vulnerable inner selves. When choosing a partner, it’s vital to pick someone who desires a similar style of relationship as us. To find the right partner, we must be open to people walking into our lives while also loving ourselves enough to express our needs and wants. By respecting ourselves, we can open up a space for the right person to walk in.

The Three Phases of a Lasting Relationship

Relationships go through three phases: romance, conflict, and commitment, to reach their full potential. Romance is a joyful experience that can be fleeting, leading to conflict as couples discover the darker sides of each other’s characters. Through cooperation and compromise, couples can move toward the commitment phase, where they give and receive the five A’s and maintain love, even during disagreements. By understanding these phases, couples can build healthy, lasting relationships, accepting that each phase is normal and necessary. Like nature’s cycles, relationships transform but can return to bud, bloom, and thrive.

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