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Summary of: Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity
By: Hugh MacLeod


Prepare to embark on the journey of creative exploration with the book ‘Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity’ by Hugh MacLeod. Within the pages of this enlightening summary, you will gain insights on harnessing and nurturing your creative instincts. Explore the importance of striking a balance between dedicated practice and spontaneous inspiration. Understand the potential challenges artists face, from procrastination to originality, and how you can overcome them to express your true self. Finally, you’ll discover the strategic key to maintaining artistic freedom and using the internet to pave your unique creative path.

The Natural Process of Creativity

When it comes to creativity, one cannot simply switch it on like a light bulb. Inspiration is a natural process that can strike anytime, anywhere. It is crucial to make the most of impromptu moments of inspiration, even if it means jotting them down on the back of a business card. Trusting your creative instinct and allowing the ideas to flow naturally is the key to success in any creative project.

Overcoming Procrastination in Creative Projects

Starting a creative project may be daunting, particularly when faced with self-doubt and an array of minute details to consider. Often, facing philosophical quandaries and obsessing over equipment are just procrastination mechanisms that hinder the creative process. To avoid falling victim to self-sabotage, the author encourages creatives to dive into projects, acknowledge the fear, and acknowledge what causes their procrastination, while removing these factors from their environment. Notably, some of the most successful artists throughout history did not have access to fancy equipment. Therefore, one should not focus on tools or toys as their hindrances. Instead, focus on crafting and developing the art. Ultimately, the author reminds us that one should embrace the process and the occasional stumbling block as a necessary part of the adventure that is creativity.

The Life of an Original Thinker

The greater the originality of your idea, the less helpful critique you’re likely to receive. Isadora Duncan’s pioneering dance technique illustrates that innovative thinkers may not receive constructive feedback from peers. Although friends may support, love, and cherish you, your creative aspirations could put stress on your relationships. Moreover, while it’s normal to crave validation and backing from friends, don’t rely on their advice to follow your dreams. If you move to a new city and pursue your artistic passions while your friends remain in your hometown, differing perspectives and priorities could add emotional strain. Ultimately, your groundbreaking projects and plans may lead to personal growth, but they may also impact your support system.

Embrace Your Artistic Passion

As humans, we are born with a natural urge to create and accomplish our goals. Being true to ourselves is essential in creating art that can truly touch people, as artistic freedom is crucial. The drive to create comes from within, and it is through hours of dedication and hard work that we can achieve greatness. The story of artist Jackson Pollock highlights the significance of staying true to one’s creative instincts and expressing oneself honestly. When we change our creative vision to please others, our desire to create becomes clouded by external forces such as trends or popularity. Therefore, it is essential to embrace our artistic passion and experiment with different techniques to express our true emotions and what we want to say. With dedication and hard work, we can follow our artistic dream and turn it into a dream job.

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