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Summary of: Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life
By: Marie Kondō


Imagine a workplace that sparks joy, increases productivity, and sets the stage for your aspirations to come alive. The book ‘Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life’ by Marie Kondō teaches you how to achieve exactly that using the renowned KonMari Method. In this summary, we will explore how to overhaul your physical workspace, declutter your digital realm, and revamp your schedule to create an environment that fosters both professional success and personal happiness. Venture into a transformative journey that goes beyond mere tidying, as you realign yourself with your goals and purpose, building a space where dreams and possibilities flourish.

Declutter Your Desk and Stay Productive

A messy desk can hamper productivity and motivation levels at work. According to a study, clutter at work can lead to a negative impact on your motivation, productivity, and overall happiness. The time spent searching for misplaced things can add up to an entire workweek on average every year. Decluttering can improve productivity and even earnings, as tidy and organized people are often viewed positively by their bosses. Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method of tidying-up is not just about improving efficiency or productivity, but also about aligning yourself with your goals and purpose in life, leading to lasting change.

The KonMari Method for Tidying Up Your Workspace

The KonMari Method involves removing anything in your environment that doesn’t bring joy or provide functional or future value. This process starts with books and papers in your workspace. Gather them in one place and go through each item one by one. Ask yourself if it sparks joy or is important to your work. Discard those that don’t fit into these categories and thank them for serving you well. Sort the papers into pending, save because you must, and save because you want to categories. Put them all in vertical hanging files to keep them easily accessible and retrievable.

KonMari Method: Tidying Your Supplies and Sentimental Items

Once you’ve sorted through your books and papers, it’s time to move on to the final stages of the KonMari Method. The next step is to deal with your supplies, also known as komono, which includes everything from office supplies to electronics. Marie Kondo suggests organizing them by type and then deciding which items spark joy or help you be better at your job. The last and most challenging category is sentimental items, such as photos and notes. Kondo recommends holding each item and asking if it still sparks joy, and suggests taking a photo of sentimental items to reduce clutter. Keep only those items that contribute to your ideal workspace.

Declutter Your Workspace

Learn to apply the KonMari Method to your digital and physical workspace for a clear and uncluttered mind.

Do you struggle with cluttered and disorganized workspaces that hinder productivity? The KonMari Method, which gained popularity through Marie Kondo’s book and Netflix series, can be applied to both digital and physical workspaces.

To begin, ensure that your workspace is free of superfluous items, and everything has a designated spot. The author suggests using dividers and small boxes that fit within drawers to keep things organized. Ensure that your desk is clear of any supplies and papers. A clear desk can help you approach work with a focused and undistracted mind.

When you move to the digital realm, start by organizing your virtual desktop. Avoid using it as a dumping ground for computer files and instead create folders such as “Storage” and “Current Projects.” Sonenshein, the co-author, recommends using a few main folders for organizing your hard drive, including “Current Projects,” “Records,” and “Saved Work.”

While organizing, ask yourself if each document is necessary, inspiring, and contributes meaningfully to your work. If the answer is no, be grateful for its contribution, and then send it to the trash bin.

By applying the KonMari Method to your workspace, you can declutter and create a productive and inspiring workspace that frees up your mind to focus on your work.

Streamlining Your Digital Life

In today’s always-connected world, email can feel like an endless burden that consumes our workday. To combat this, it’s time to change the way we approach email and other distractions that come with our smartphones. The key message is to avoid letting these digital notifications get in the way of our work. To make email more manageable, treat it like your physical desktop and only use it as a place for current work, creating no more than ten folders to categorize emails. If you have a backlog of emails, start by moving them into an archive folder and categorize new emails as they come in. It’s also helpful to set email work hours as studies show that shifting attention to incoming emails can be distracting and can take around 26 minutes to regain focus. Similarly, unsubscribe from unnecessary email newsletters and mailing lists to avoid clutter. Additionally, review all non-email related apps on your smartphone and evaluate whether they are helping you reach your goals. Delete those that aren’t useful and only keep the ones that truly bring joy. By streamlining our digital life, we can free up time and increase our productivity.

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