Living Untethered | Michael A. Singer

Summary of: Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament
By: Michael A. Singer


Delve into the world of self-discovery and untether yourself from the limitations of the human predicament with Michael A. Singer’s ‘Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament’. This comprehensive summary takes you on an insightful journey where you will explore the intricacies of your consciousness, learn to unearth your true self, and discover the three essential techniques for achieving inner clarity and harmony. You shall also grasp a profound understanding of your thoughts and emotions, and embrace a new perspective on your experiences, as Singer guides you towards embracing the present moment, letting go of past burdens, and transcending towards a liberated state of being.

The Real You

Take a moment to look at yourself in a mirror. Do you look different now than when you were 10 or 20 years old? Imagine yourself in the future, even older, and notice how different you will look. However, you are not the image you see. You are the conscious awareness that notices things about your body. You are not your body, your gender, your age, or your skin color. Once you accept this, you can begin to explore your self and achieve true acceptance. Only by understanding your thoughts, emotions, and the outside world can you begin to make the inside “nice” again.

The Illusion of Personal Experience

Everything we experience is not personal, but rather an impersonal reflection of reality that we perceive through our senses. The moment in front of us has nothing to do with us and it’s our own mind that makes it personal.

The outside world is something we experience through our senses, but what we perceive is not always what’s actually there. Our senses, like sight, work in a way that involves molecules bouncing off of objects and hitting photoreceptors in our eyes. This information is then relayed to our brains and interpreted as an image. Essentially, we’re seeing a representation of the object, not the object itself. This concept applies to all of our senses.

When it comes to the present moment, we tend to think of it as deeply personal. However, the truth is that the moment has nothing to do with us. It exists whether we’re paying attention to it or not. Each moment is an impersonal reflection of reality that we perceive through our senses. The idea that a moment is personal is just an illusion created by our own minds.

We tend to make a big deal about the moments in front of us, but billions of other people aren’t bothered by them. And once the moment has passed, we’ll move on to the next one without much thought. The moment that we think is bothering us is actually not personal at all; it’s us who are bothering ourselves about it. Understanding that everything we experience is not personal can help us let go of unnecessary stress and worry.

Understanding Your Psyche

Our thoughts and emotions make up our psyche, and they impact our lives in significant ways. Automatic thoughts come from unfinished emotional patterns called samskaras. While we feel emotions, we fail to notice our emotional energy until it changes. Despite having conflicting samskaras inside us, we can become free of them when we observe them as a witness and not identify ourselves with them.

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