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Summary of: Mastery
By: Robert Greene


Dive into the world of mastery with Robert Greene’s insightful book, ‘Mastery.’ This summary explores the journey of discovering one’s unique calling in life by embracing one’s individuality and following that inner voice. You’ll learn the importance of choosing opportunities for growth rather than focusing solely on prestige or wealth, as well as the value of finding a mentor for guidance. By reviving the open-mindedness we possessed as children, this book pushes readers to think innovatively and train their brains for creative problem-solving. Read on to uncover the secrets to finding and achieving true mastery in any field.

Trust Your Unique Calling

Each person is unique, and instead of suppressing it by blending in with the crowd, it is essential to listen to and follow your inner voice. Many successful people throughout history experienced a moment of clarity that guided them towards their desired path. Leonardo Da Vinci, for instance, found his calling by sketching animals in the forest. Some individuals even hear their “inner voice,” such as profoundly religious Christians who pursue a specific task. The main message highlighted in the book is that everyone has a specific calling in life, and it can be easily found by recognizing and following your unique self. The book further explains how one can pay attention to his/her intuition and inner voice to achieve success in life.

Don’t Just Chase Money: Learning Pays Off

Many people focus on finding high-paying and prestigious jobs, but it is essential to consider positions that provide opportunities for learning and skill development. Early badly-paid jobs can offer practical knowledge that can benefit you for decades to come. The likes of boxer Freddie Roach, naturalist Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin opted for learning and skill development over immediate money and prestige. Therefore when searching for an internship or a first job, consider positions that offer knowledge and skill development as they will lead to greater financial rewards in the future.

The Power of Mentors

The benefits of having a mentor and how it can improve the learning process.

Learning a new skill or navigating a new environment can be challenging and time-consuming. Often, we make preventable mistakes and waste valuable resources when learning on our own. Having a mentor can be a game-changer in the learning process. A good mentor helps you use your time and resources more effectively and avoid common mistakes. They provide valuable guidance, especially in complex situations such as starting a new job or navigating an unfamiliar city.

But having a mentor is beneficial for both the mentor and apprentice. A mentor sees the apprentice as a younger version of themselves and is invested in their future success. The apprentice, in turn, absorbs knowledge like a sponge, and often admires the mentor.

It’s important to note that apprentices should strive to outmatch their mentors after their apprenticeship is over. Many successful individuals have had mentors whom they surpassed eventually. Alexander the Great is a great example. He learned from Aristotle, and went on to modify and augment his lessons based on his own experiences.

Having a mentor can be an incredible asset in one’s learning journey, and the relationship can be beneficial for both parties involved. Seek out a mentor who will teach you their ways, but don’t forget to find your own unique way forward after your apprenticeship is over.

Embracing Your Inner Child

As children, we are natural freethinkers and rule-breakers with an open mind. But as we grow up and enter the workforce, we tend to lose this curiosity and fearlessness. The author encourages us to revive our inner child, challenging us to think innovatively and create something uniquely our own. By breaking rules and subverting expectations, we can grow in our field, achieve mastery, and stand out from the crowd. Just like Mozart, who fused his own unusual elements with classic styles of music, we should be brave and think in new ways. This is what will enable us to break out of unsatisfying routines and achieve true success in our own unique way.

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