One Decision | Mike Bayer

Summary of: One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life
By: Mike Bayer


Are you ready to embark on a journey to transform your decision-making process and improve your life? In ‘One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life,’ Mike Bayer guides you through harnessing the power of opportunity and shifting away from an obstacle mindset, demonstrating that the key to a better life is a more intentional, positive decision-making process. Throughout this summary, you’ll uncover how to overcome negative thinking patterns like fortune-telling and overgeneralizing, develop a more relaxed and adaptable mindset, and create a supportive decision-making team. Let’s dive in and explore the secrets to taking that crucial first step towards a life filled with healthier decisions and more satisfying outcomes.

Opportunities Over Obstacles

We make thousands of decisions daily, but one conscious decision can positively change our lives: choosing to see opportunities over obstacles. This mindset shift can lead to growth, learning and positive direction. Focusing on obstacles can make problems seem unsolvable and keeps you stagnant. By understanding the thinking patterns that shape how we view the world, we can tap into the positive forces that reveal opportunities to us. Discover how to switch from an obstacle mindset to one primed for opportunities.

Fortune-Telling: A Self-Imposed Barrier

Fortune-telling prevents us from taking advantage of opportunities by convincing ourselves that the worst thing will happen. This habit comes from fear and avoidance, but we can break free from it by engaging in fact-finding. By gathering evidence and approaching situations realistically, we can make informed decisions that prioritize our best interests.


Overgeneralizing is the negative force that shapes how people view themselves and the world around them based on single events or stereotypes, ultimately limiting their ability to see opportunities. To combat overgeneralizing, objective thinking is necessary, which involves considering all the available information and learning about people before judging them. The key message is to zoom out from single events or stereotypes and use objective thinking to develop new ideas and perspectives, creating a gateway to new opportunities.

The Power of a Relaxed Mindset

A lesson can be learned from a large oak tree and a tall thin palm tree standing in an open field. The oak tree, with its rigid trunk, is uprooted when a powerful wind blows through, while the palm tree remains upright with its flexible trunk. This teaches us that a relaxed mindset encourages adaptability, whilst rigidity hinders growth and success. It can be difficult for people with rigid mindsets to change course or consider alternative methods, hindering opportunities that could lead to growth or success. To counter rigidity, a relaxed mindset is needed. Approaching things calmly, making room for different perspectives and accepting life’s uncontrollable aspects allows us to flow with new ideas, methods, and opportunities. Achieving a more relaxed state can be done in several ways, such as noting one’s rigid beliefs or approaches, speaking to those who possess a relaxed mindset, participating in yoga or meditation, and embracing new possibilities.

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