Own Your Everyday | Jordan Lee Dooley

Summary of: Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You’re Made to Do
By: Jordan Lee Dooley


Embark on a journey towards embracing your true self, overcoming insecurities, and living a life full of purpose with Jordan Lee Dooley’s book ‘Own Your Everyday’. This summary will guide you through the key messages that tackle various facets of life – from dealing with disappointment, imposter syndrome, and comparing ourselves to others, to breaking free of societal expectations and redefining success. By delving into the author’s own experiences and helpful tips, you will be inspired to step out of your comfort zone, confront deep-rooted issues, and ultimately transform your life by showing up as the person you were made to be.

Embrace Your True Self

Jordan Lee Dooley, the author, suffered from severe acne since her teenage years. Although she covered it up with makeup, she realized that this was only a superficial solution. Her doctor’s advice revealed a deeper truth, which is tackling problems on the surface never truly solves them; you need to go deep. Covering things up only makes insecurities linger and become more damaging. To build true confidence in ourselves, we have to embrace our whole, true selves. For thirty days, make a commitment to stop criticizing yourself and to live by the rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say something to your friend, don’t say it about yourself.

Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Jordan struggled with imposter syndrome her whole life. Despite her success, she always felt like a fraud. Stepping out of her comfort zone and taking small steps helped her find her true purpose. To overcome imposter syndrome, don’t let expectations hold you back and take small steps towards your goals.

Lessons from Disappointment

This book excerpt shares the story of Jordan and Matt, who planned their future around Matt’s potential NFL career. However, they faced disappointment when draft day arrived with no offers. Through their experience, they learned that disappointment can be a positive force and bring new possibilities. The author offers two important lessons, including a mindset shift from “things didn’t work out” to “life worked out just the way it was supposed to,” and the realization that disappointment can lead to unexpected blessings. The author emphasizes that facing disappointment is not easy but is essential for growth and learning necessary life lessons.

Comparison-Induced Pressure

Do you find yourself comparing your life to those on social media? This feeling is comparison-induced pressure, and it’s more common than you think. The key message is to stop constantly comparing yourself to others. When we live in a state of comparison, we’re constantly trying to outrun others, while never actually getting anywhere worthwhile. One trick that can help is to focus on why you’re doing something. Another way is to replace jealousy with joy. Break the habit of constantly comparing yourself to others and take the pressure out of your life.

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