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Summary of: Tactics: The Art and Science of Success
By: Edward de Bono


Are you intrigued by the secrets of success? Dive into the book summary of ‘Tactics: The Art and Science of Success’ by Edward de Bono to discover the factors that make up success. Unravel the paradoxical ingredients of talent, determination, opportunity, and luck, and how they contribute to a person’s achievements. Learn how resilience, motivation, and personal style play a pivotal role in shaping success stories. This engaging overview delves into factors like genetics, environment, and culture while emphasizing critical thinking skills and the importance of creativity.

The Recipe for Success

Success is a combination of luck, talent, and determination. While luck plays a significant role in success, having natural talent alone may not be enough. Successful people are determined and often driven to the point of being ruthless. They develop a narrow focus and are exceptional at spotting opportunities. However, balancing personal and professional life is crucial for long-term success. It’s best to make the most of one’s natural talent, but training can make a significant difference. Additionally, the timing and industry you choose to enter play a significant role in your success.

Ingredients for Success

Success is not determined by a single trait but a combination of factors such as energy, direction, ability, and persistence. However, individual style and characteristics, including risk tolerance and resilience, also play a crucial role in achieving success. Stereotypical traits of successful people, such as self-confidence and energy, are not the only indicators of triumph. Instead, successful people believe in their ideas and create new solutions to old problems. Determination, single-mindedness, and the ability to show strengths while compensating for weaknesses are also crucial. Lastly, it’s essential not to underestimate the value of failure in building resilience and humility.

The Motivation for Success

Successful people visualize their goals as part of their self-image and transform their fears into motivation. Motivation comes in various forms, such as wealth, prestige, recognition, duty, and professionalism. Getting motivated involves pursuing and staying on track with a unique area of success. The pursuit of success should include external recognition or an enhanced self-image. The failure to pursue opportunities results in losing market share, credit ratings, and good personnel while affecting morale. Success drives people to continue even after achieving monetary success.

Factors for Success

Success is not entirely determined by what is under your control. While environment and culture play a big role in it, success is learnable. Critical thinking and a positive attitude towards luck are key factors that help in achieving success. The PMI approach can aid in better evaluation of positive and negative aspects. Three variables determine whether people succeed, which include the benefits from uncontrollable factors, factors that can be modified, and devising personal plans for success.

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