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Summary of: The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance
By: Rich Diviney


Dive into the world of Navy SEALs as Rich Diviney, a retired commander, shares valuable insights into hidden drivers of optimal performance. Discover the philosophy behind SEAL training, focusing on character-defining attributes such as courage, adaptability, resilience, and perseverance. Learn how the SEALs select candidates based on character development and what it takes to succeed in their rigorous training programs. In this book summary, you’ll find out how to nurture and apply these essential traits in your personal and professional life, turning stressful situations into opportunities for growth. Embark on a journey to understand the vital aspects of personal character and embrace your full potential.

Building Resilience

Retired Navy SEAL commander Rich Diviney reveals the secret of the SEALS success in his book, ‘Mind Gym’. Diviney shares concepts on building strength of mind for extreme performance under stress. In addition, Diviney elaborates the characteristics which define the SEALS and importance of these qualities such as courage, adaptability, and resilience. The author teaches readers how to develop these traits in themselves and apply them in stressful situations through the training program and his book.

Selecting Candidates Based on Character

Choosing job applicants based on their character is an effective hiring strategy, even in situations where plans may not go smoothly. This is evident from the selection process of the US Navy SEALs, where candidates are subjected to grueling challenges to observe their character. Only 15% of the candidates successfully complete the six-month selection process. These attributes that define character, such as persistence, accountability, and courage, are wired into our internal circuitry and are always running in the background.

Corporate hiring officers can adopt a similar approach by seeking determined, courageous job candidates with sound character. Enhancing existing attributes or developing new ones involves forming new neural pathways in the brain and acknowledging the outcome. This methodology requires consciously slowing down in the face of challenges, calling up the necessary attribute, and acting with deliberation. The final step, acknowledging the new outcome, trains the brain to enjoy its new pathway, allowing individuals to move on to other new challenges where they can manifest their newfound attributes in different contexts.

In summary, selecting candidates based on their character traits is a sensible approach, one that can lead companies to obtain determined, resilient and reliable employees who can thrive in any environment.

Traits for Success

The book explores special attributes necessary for success, including courage, perseverance, adaptability, and situational awareness. The author emphasizes the importance of character traits over skills in assessing candidates for high-pressure jobs like Navy SEALs. It is suggested that diversity of attributes in a team equips it to deal with uncertainty and challenge. Developing courage involves fighting fear and engaging the body’s neural circuit. Perseverance requires doing hard things repeatedly, while adaptability demands resilience and the power to move on from success or failure. Situational awareness encourages the understanding of variables and effective task switching. The author recommends compartmentalizing elements in environments that cause confusion, focusing on whatever demands immediate attention. In essence, the author advocates for the development of character traits that are essential for success rather than focusing solely on skills.

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