The Buddha and the Badass | Vishen Lakhiani

Summary of: The Buddha and the Badass: Find Bliss and Conquer the World with a New Way of Work
By: Vishen Lakhiani


Dive into the world of ‘The Buddha and the Badass’ by Vishen Lakhiani to explore your unique soulprint and unlock the power of your foundational values. This book guides you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, showing how to connect with your true self and make an impact in the world. You’ll learn to communicate your deeper purpose, attract like-minded individuals, and foster social connections that will help you excel in both professional and personal life. Embrace the principles of a mission-driven approach, and apply bold vision and courage to overcome limiting beliefs. Get ready to become your ideal self and live a truly fulfilling life.


Our early life experiences create our unique foundational values, or “Soulprints,” which guide our behavior and decisions on an unconscious level. Discovering these values through an origin story exercise can provide clarity and direction in life.

Did you know that just like every person has a unique fingerprint, we also have unique “Soulprints”? In his book, the author emphasizes that our foundational values that guide our behavior and decisions are created by our early life experiences. These experiences, whether good or bad, leave a lasting impression on us, shaping our unconscious mind. The key to living a fulfilling life is becoming aware of our foundational values through an origin story exercise.

The author suggests that similar to how fingerprints form before birth, our foundational values are instilled during childhood and adolescence, which remain stable throughout adulthood, changing only due to life-altering events. It’s essential to identify these values because they guide our behavior and decision-making processes, and we might end up unhappy and unfulfilled if we don’t align ourselves with them.

To uncover our foundational values, the author recommends an origin story exercise that involves deep reflection of significant life events and experiences. By identifying such events, we can write them out in detail and think about the lessons and values that emerged from them. Through this exercise, we can connect with what we truly desire and need, enabling us to know the impact we want to have on the world and pursue a career and lifestyle that aligns with our foundational values.

In summary, becoming aware of our unique “Soulprints” and foundational values can bring clarity and direction to our lives, allowing us to make informed decisions and create fulfilling lives based on what we truly desire and need.

Attracting Like-Minded Collaborators

To attract the right people to help you achieve your goals, you need to clearly communicate your big why – the deeper purpose behind what you do. A manifesto is a public statement outlining your big why, and offering crucial information such as your beliefs and the values you uphold. To draw the right people in, you also need to have a vision of where you want to be three years from now and work backward to determine the steps that will help you bring your vision to life.

The Power of Social Connection

In today’s workplace, social bonds play a crucial role in fostering happiness, engagement, and performance levels. Being socially connected is essential for our survival, productivity, creativity, and intelligence. This summary outlines tactics that can be employed to establish social events and safe spaces, cultivate a sense of belonging, and encourage vulnerability to create a positive working environment for all. Research shows that good friends at work lead to higher employee engagement, and fostering social connections among the people you work with is a vital skill that transforms any team you find yourself in.

Being Mission-Oriented

Today’s globally connected world brings about vast benefits, but it also comes with immense responsibilities. With our actions and choices come far-reaching consequences, especially in business. Some businesses focus solely on profits while disregarding their impact on society, becoming what the author calls Humanity Minus companies. To create a more positive impact, businesses should strive to be Humanity Plus. To achieve this, companies must establish a mission that adds value to the world, and individuals should have a Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP), a challenging goal that creates a significant impact. Those not in a position to create an MTP can still infuse their work with meaning by taking a bold stand, such as promoting positive messages or advocating against certain social and political issues. By doing this, businesses can attract individuals who are passionate about solving problems and making a positive impact, and it resonates with consumers as well, with a poll revealing that 66% of consumers want brands to support social and political issues publicly.

Don’t Limit Your Potential

Bold visions can unlock boundless potential, but conditioning can be a major hindrance. This summary explores the psychology behind big thinking and offers advice on how to achieve your most significant goals.

Do you remember the flea-in-the-jar experiment? In this experiment, scientists placed fleas in a sealed jar and observed that when the lid was taken off, the fleas didn’t jump out. They had been conditioned to jump only as high as the jar’s opening. People can be conditioned in the same way as the fleas. When we become too comfortable with chasing small visions, we limit our potential and what we can achieve.

To live a fulfilling life, we must have bold visions. While these visions may be intimidating, they excite and inspire people to take action, even when faced with obstacles. It’s crucial to remember that the bigger the vision, the easier it is to accomplish. It’s vital to speak about what your project will look like in ten years. This attracts people who want to build the future.

Setting measurable goals can help you achieve your vision. However, it’s also necessary to give yourself permission to fail. When people aren’t afraid to fail, they experiment more, leading to incredible results. For instance, even though 40% of Google’s projects fail, its successes, such as Google Drive and Gmail, are colossal.

Lastly, bold thinkers get other people to dream big. You can achieve this by using a Presupposed Close. This technique envisions something great for someone and speaks about it as if they’ve already accomplished it. This powerful motivator shows faith in other people’s abilities. Richard Branson, an accomplished entrepreneur, used this tactic to great effect.

In conclusion, bold visions can unlock boundless potential, but conditioning can be a major hindrance. Deviating from the norm and embracing significant risks can lead to incredible life-changing results. So go ahead and dream big, and don’t limit your potential.

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