The Code of the Extraordinary Mind | Vishen Lakhiani

Summary of: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms
By: Vishen Lakhiani


In ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’, author Vishen Lakhiani reveals 10 unconventional laws that can redefine your life and help you succeed on your own terms. Through a comprehensive exploration of what Lakhiani refers to as the ‘culturescape’, this book summary uncovers the outdated rules and beliefs that hold many people back in their lives and careers. You will learn how to rise above these limiting beliefs, question the so-called ‘bullshit rules’, and update your mind’s hardware and software through consciousness engineering. By embracing a new mindset, upgrading your systems of living, and practicing blissipline, you can achieve an extraordinary life.

Transcending Cultural Rules

The culturescape contains many outdated beliefs that dictate how we should live our lives. However, if you want to live an exceptional life, you need to break free from these rules. That is precisely what the author, Vishen Lakhani, did. He realized that blindly following cultural norms was holding him back and preventing him from pursuing his passions. Instead, Lakhani decided to selectively choose which rules to follow and which ones to ignore. He called outdated rules, Brules. For instance, Lakhani’s culture demanded that he become an engineer, lawyer, or a doctor, and ignore his passion for the arts and photography. Although he succeeded by getting a prestigious job at Microsoft, he soon realized that this wasn’t the life he wanted, and he quit. To live an extraordinary life, Lakhani transcended the culturescape and questioned the bullshit rules. For example, college degrees aren’t a necessity for success. Steve Jobs famously dropped out of college yet revolutionized an entire industry. To stand out and achieve greatness, we must learn to question the rules that society imposes on us.

Consciousness Engineering

Your mind is like a computer with hardware and software, and updating both is essential for personal growth. Consciousness engineering involves choosing and updating your beliefs and habits. To update your hardware, rewrite your models of reality and embrace a mindset that supports your goals. For software, update your daily habits to align with your beliefs. Updating and optimizing your mind is the third law for an extraordinary life.

Upgrade Your Systems

Learn how to optimize your systems for living to achieve your goals and create an extraordinary life. Start by discovering, refreshing, and measuring your systems regularly. Once you’ve upgraded your software and living systems, you can bend reality and focus on the present while pursuing future goals.

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