The Courage Habit | Bari Tessler MA

Summary of: The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life
By: Bari Tessler MA


Immerse yourself in the journey of self-growth, fear acknowledgment, and courage-building with ‘The Courage Habit’ by Bari Tessler MA. In this book summary, discover the power of the Courage Habit, a four-step process designed to guide individuals towards their most courageous selves by challenging old habits and embracing change. Achieve self-awareness by identifying inherent fears, working with the inner critic, and unraveling the limiting stories we tell ourselves. With these insights, nurture an authentic and courageous life, embracing the power of transformation and finding purpose in every aspect of your existence.

Embrace Change and Conquer Fear

Initially, change can seem uncomfortable and impractical, and we may experience stress or self-doubt. These reactions are rooted in fear, which often manifests itself as other feelings. Stepping out of our comfort zone requires patience and sitting with uncomfortable feelings, which can be challenging. Ignoring fear or relentlessly trying to “think positive” are inadequate methods. The answer to conquering fear lies in practicing courage by embracing our authentic desires and challenging old habits. The Courage Habit provides a four-step process helping one move towards a better life, and it all begins with facing our fears.

Discovering the Courage Habit

The Courage Habit is a technique developed by the author to help individuals overcome their fears and become courageous. The initial step is to envision a Liberated Day – a day when fear doesn’t hold you back. A Liberated Day helps you obtain clarity about what you genuinely desire and stop seeking validation from others. Next, identify three Primary Focus goals and determine how their accomplishment could benefit others. Employing the Courage Habit requires trying new things, stepping out of the comfort zone, and embracing mistakes to build resilience.

Breaking Down Fear Habits

Fear is one of the most significant obstacles in pursuing our dreams. However, breaking down fear habits can help us overcome them. To develop courage, we need to change our habits and learn to identify our fear routines. Our emotional lives are hugely influenced by our habits, which can be broken into a three-part cue-routine-reward cycle. By identifying one of the four predominant fear routines – The Perfectionist, The Saboteur, The Martyr, and The Pessimist – we can interrupt our cue-routine-reward fear patterns and develop the courage to let go of the habits that do not serve us.

Accessing the Body for the Courage Habit

The Courage Habit presents body-based practices to help identify fears that hinder personal growth and explains how to use mindfulness to overcome them. Accessing the body can be done through techniques like body scanning, dancing, or practicing yoga. By noticing physical sensations, one can translate them into emotions and recognize fear as a cue in the cue-routine-reward cycle. By setting a boundary around the experience, releasing the feelings in a limited amount of time and space, and sitting with the sensations, one can intervene in the most detrimental cue-routine-reward cycles.

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