The Da Vinci Curse | Leonardo Lospennato

Summary of: The Da Vinci Curse: Life Design for People with Too Many Interests and Talents
By: Leonardo Lospennato


Are you someone with multiple talents and interests, struggling to find your true calling? The Da Vinci Curse: Life Design for People with Too Many Interests and Talents, by Leonardo Lospennato, addresses the challenges faced by multifaceted individuals like you. In the following summary, we’ll explore why such people find it difficult to settle in a particular field and how their fears of competition and criticism hold them back. We’ll then discuss a three-step approach to lifting the Da Vinci curse, helping you find a single activity that satisfies your diverse talents and leads to a fulfilling life.

The Importance of Specialization

In today’s society, specialists are essential due to the rapid growth of knowledge and the need for expertise. The intricacies of certain fields demand absolute precision and years of specialized training, leading to the struggle of multi-talented individuals who fear they don’t have enough time to realize all their talents. Highly curious people get fascinated by a new field and dive into it, but once they’ve mastered the basics, they move on to something else. Specialization requires dedication and commitment, making it difficult for those who want to master several complex skills. Ultimately, the importance of specialization is crucial for fields that require absolute precision, making it impossible for multi-talented people to excel in all their interests.

The Downside of Being a Jack-of-All-Trades

The inability of Da Vinci people to stick to one thing and their fear of competition limit their potential. They start learning a new skill and leave it as soon as they master it, leading to a lack of direction and a superficial understanding of many fields. The fear of criticism and feedback makes them change fields instead of pushing through to the next level. As a result, Da Vinci people often feel like they’ve wasted time and have not found their true vocation even as they get closer to middle age.

Lifting the Da Vinci Curse

To lift the Da Vinci curse, individuals need to find one complex activity that integrates many of their talents. Da Vinci people have multifaceted personalities that can only be fulfilled by a complex task that brings together a variety of their gifts. The author, a typical Da Vinci person, tried everything imaginable but could not figure out their one particular thing until they dedicated themselves to building electric guitars and basses. Building musical instruments was complex enough to involve their various talents and interests, tapping into their knowledge of acoustics, physics, electrical engineering, and design. By doing their best to build great instruments, they also satisfied their passion for music and their need to help others be creative. Through a rational approach, anyone can lift their Da Vinci curse by finding an activity that integrates their talents and fulfills their complex personality.

Discovering Your Calling

The author proposes a three-step approach to finding your calling starting with preselection.

To discover your calling, the author suggests creating a creative inventory of every activity you would like to do, including jobs, hobbies, and wildest dreams. This list will serve as a basis for the preselection process where the dream has to fulfill three criteria: is it fun, do you have a talent for it, and can you earn money with it? Circle the activities that meet all three criteria and let go of those that don’t. The ones you can’t earn money with are only hobbies, while the ones that make you rich but aren’t fun won’t make you happy. And if you do not have talent for it, why bother?

This soul searching exercise can be a major step in finding your calling. In the following parts, the author guides the reader through additional steps to find their unique and meaningful calling.

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