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Summary of: The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul
By: Danielle LaPorte


Welcome to the exploration of ‘The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul’ by Danielle LaPorte! This book offers a fresh perspective on desire as an engine of creativity and evolution. Dive in to uncover the power of core desired feelings and learn how to use them as signposts in life. Forget about chasing superficial ambitions shaped by external pressures and instead strive to achieve goals aligned with your true desires, thus leading a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Ready to find out what you truly desire and how to make decisions based on feelings rather than just facts? Let’s get started!

The Power and Purpose of Desire

Desire is more than just a sexual impulse, it drives our creativity and pushes us to evolve. It is a force that we act upon, make sacrifices for and use to achieve our goals. Our desires reveal our dreams for the future and tackling our fears helps us grow as individuals. Ultimately, desire is the spark that keeps us going and fuels our will to live.

Trust Your Feelings

Don’t ignore your feelings, they are signposts that guide us in life. Unlike facts, feelings are subjective, but they are true to you. While intense feelings like sadness and anger can be distracting, our core desired feelings are crucial in guiding us towards fulfillment.

We’ve been taught that decisions need to be based solely on facts, and not influenced by emotions. However, unlike facts, feelings are subjective, and true to the individual experiencing them. You may feel annoyed by someone’s behavior, and it is not stating a fact, but it is expressing your truth.

The power of feelings cannot be ignored. Our core desired feelings guide us towards fulfillment. They are not passing emotions but are constant and long-lasting. Even if your work is well-paid, if you feel dread upon waking up each morning, it’s a clear indication that something is missing in your life. We are often encouraged to ignore these feelings and focus on being productive, but it’s important to acknowledge them.

While intense emotions can be distracting, we must not ignore our feelings. They are crucial in guiding us towards a fulfilled life. So, the next time you are faced with a decision, consider your core desired feelings alongside the facts and trust your feelings.

Discovering Your Core Desires

Knowing your real desires will empower you to make better choices and live a fulfilling life that aligns with your values. Often we chase after desires that aren’t truly our own but are rather expectations set by others. It’s liberating to identify your core desires, which can be achieved through self-reflection and being open to unexpected opportunities. Having clarity on your desires helps you pursue meaningful opportunities that truly matter to you and discard those that don’t align with your authentic self.

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