The Mind of the Soul | Gary Zukav

Summary of: The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice
By: Gary Zukav


Dive into the world of responsible choice as we explore the summary of ‘The Mind of the Soul’ by Gary Zukav. This insightful book emphasizes the importance of being aware of the choices we make in our lives, both big and small, as they profoundly shape our personality, destiny, and future experiences. Delve into concepts like the role of fear, self-image, multisensory humans, and how intentions play a key role in shaping our experiences. This book aims to inspire readers to make conscious choices, bringing about positive change and growth, ultimately paving the way for a fulfilling life.

Choose Responsibly

Every choice we make, whether big or small, affects our future. We have the power to mold our personality and shape our destiny with each decision. It is crucial to choose with awareness and responsibility, considering all the circumstances and consequences. From choosing a new job or a new relationship to deciding how to react in heavy traffic, every choice matters. Being mindful of our choices helps us take control of our lives and create the future we desire. So choose wisely, for our choices define who we are and determine our path in life.

Your Choices, Your Destiny

The book emphasizes that our perception of ourselves is a result of our choices, and each choice we make creates experiences for ourselves and others. The author advises readers to become aware of their intentions before acting or speaking, and to focus on their strengths rather than their limitations. We are the creators of our own destiny and have the power to make different choices which shape a different reality. Moreover, choosing to view the universe as filled with wisdom and compassion creates joy for ourselves, while choosing to see it as cold and indifferent leads to pain and suffering.

The Power of “Because”

The Science of Physics vs. Neglected Forces

The word “because” holds profound meaning. It implies logic and order, cause and effect. The science of physics studies physical forces and events, but it neglects forces such as kindness, hope, joy, and thoughts. These neglected forces can be both causes and effects. The Universal Law of Attraction reveals our true beliefs, regardless of what we think we believe. To test the power of kindness, keep a diary for a week while being kind to everyone you meet. Record the effects of this act on others and your own disposition. Your personality is your friend.

The Evolution of Human Senses

Our species is rapidly evolving, and after several generations, the entire human race will be multi-sensory. This evolution will enable us to align the soul and the personality and gain ultimate real power. The true science of the soul is the study of consciousness, and responsible choice is the healing dynamic that removes the power of our fears from over us.

Human beings have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. However, we are more than just five-sensory beings. Truly multisensory individuals are an elite group, but the human race is evolving rapidly, and after several generations, we will all be multisensory.

The extra senses we acquire will allow us to grow spiritually and align our souls and personalities, thus gaining ultimate real power. To become scientists of consciousness, we must first reflect on our intentions before acting or speaking and consider the consequences of each intention. We must then choose the consequence we want and the intention that leads to it.

Through observing the changes we experience and repeating the experiment if necessary, we can become masters of our consciousness. Responsible choice is the healing dynamic that removes the power of our fears from over us, and every instant of our life is an opportunity to choose and create a new reality.

By choosing peace in our intentions, we can bring peace to the world. By forming the intentions that lead to eliminating hunger, we can help feed the hungry. Changing our consciousness will change reality. The Golden Rule summarizes this idea: what we sow, what we cause, we will reap, we will experience.

Choosing Love over Fear

The collective identities we use to define ourselves are based on fear – fear of the other, those who are different. But such identities only lead to division and mistrust. The antidote to fear is love, and we must choose to love if we want to find it in others. This message is at the heart of “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. In this book, Zukav argues that fear is what limits us and makes us feel isolated, but compassion brings us out of our self-created prisons and into the larger world of joy and pain that is human experience. Rather than being defined by collective identities, we must learn to see ourselves as wise, compassionate, powerful, and creative spirits. When we choose love over fear, we can create a better world.

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