The Power of Intention | Wayne W. Dyer

Summary of: The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way
By: Wayne W. Dyer


In ‘The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way’, Wayne W. Dyer offers a fresh perspective on harnessing intention, defined as a potent force within the universe rather than a personal willpower. Dyer emphasizes the importance of recognizing and utilizing the power of intention in our lives, overcoming ego, and believing in our abilities to achieve incredible goals. Through the power of imagination and visualization, readers will learn to connect to the energy field of intention and bring desired outcomes into reality. The book also highlights the significance of aligning our thoughts with the positive energy of God in order to overcome obstacles and fulfill our purpose.

The Power of Intention

Intention is more than mere determination; it is a force within the universe that surrounds and inhabits every living being. The power of intention shapes us and guides us towards our true potential. However, the ego often hinders intention by convincing us to value ourselves based on achievements and possessions, rather than our true purpose. To harness the power of intention, we must let go of our ego and follow our destined path, like the little acorn growing into an oak tree.

The Power of Intention

The human mind has the power to turn possible impossibilities into possible realities. The power of intention lies in imagining that the desired goal has already been achieved, connecting the mind to the energy field of intention. Once you believe in your capability to achieve great goals, you can turn them into reality. Your willpower can only take you so far; it’s your imagination that can make the unreachable reachable.

Overcoming Obstacles to Manifesting Your Intentions

To manifest your intentions, you must align your thoughts with the positive energy of God and avoid focusing on what is missing or dwelling on the past. Obstacles to intention include negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. To overcome these obstacles, change your focus from lack to abundance and imagine a positive future, free from limiting self-stories. By doing this, you will tap into the creative power of God and manifest your intentions effortlessly.

Your Purpose in Life

Do you ever question your purpose in life? The truth is, you’ve had a purpose since before you were born. Everything in the universe is part of God, including you. As a result, your purpose is just as significant as God’s – to create, give life, and be a beacon of love, beauty, and peace. While this may seem abstract, you can find inspiration in God’s constant giving. By being of service to others, you can find your purpose and live a fulfilled life.

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