This Is How We Do It | Kevin Hart

Summary of: This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk
By: Kevin Hart


Welcome to the summary of ‘This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk’ by Kevin Hart. In this book, the author explores numerous tools and principles that have helped him in facing obstacles and overcoming adversity. Some key themes you will discover are cultivating a positive mindset, mastering the art of reliability, cowboying up, staying good-hearted, maintaining dissatisfaction, and embracing humility. Hart’s engaging and insightful narrative, coupled with practical advice, will help you navigate life’s challenges, build resilience, and stay on track towards reaching your goals.

Choose positivity

Positivity is the key to changing your life according to Kevin Hart. In a society rife with negativity, choosing to be positive can move you towards your dreams. Acknowledge negativity and decide to thrive anyway. Having a positive mindset will help you to keep moving forward towards your goals, despite the challenges. A positive attitude does not mean every day is perfect, but rather facing challenges with a brighter outlook. Kevin Hart’s own story serves as an example of how a change in mindset can lead to greater success.

Being Reliable in a Chaotic Era

In this day and age, being reliable has become a rare quality. It requires having a good relationship with time, knowing your limits, and taking responsibility for your obligations. Saying yes to everything causes people to lose their sense of self and disappoint others in the long run. People who have their priorities in order are naturally attractive because they can be trusted. Being on time is an excellent way to demonstrate reliability and responsibility. Being reliable is crucial because it leaves an impression on the people around you – if you show up for others, they will show up for you.

Own Yourself

Taking full responsibility for your life is the gateway to freedom and personal growth. This is the message behind Kevin Hart’s “cowboy up” philosophy. Rather than shying away from difficult truths and avoiding ownership, Hart encourages readers to face reality and embrace their flaws. In this book summary, we discover the value of accountability, self-reflection, and growth through Hart’s personal experiences. He emphasizes that no situation is one-sided and argues that there is power in admitting one’s mistakes. By taking ownership of your life, you gain control over your present and future, ultimately leading to a fulfilling and authentic life.

Lessons from a Teddy Bear

The book emphasizes the importance of being likable, radiating self-respect, and having an internal power that enables one to let negativity slide off their back. The author coined the term “teddy bearing” to define the quality of being a pleasant and likable human being that makes people around you feel happy. Wanting to be universally liked is a losing game, but being likable is about having unconditional love for oneself. The book encourages readers to replace the weak mindset of being heavily influenced by others with a powerful one that radiates positive energy, so that negativity easily slips away from them. The book concludes with the idea that being a cute, cuddly teddy bear would naturally draw people to one, and the people who stick around are the ones who are genuinely meant to be by their side.

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