Tranquility by Tuesday | Laura Vanderkam

Summary of: Tranquility by Tuesday: 9 Ways to Calm the Chaos and Make Time for What Matters
By: Laura Vanderkam


Imagine a life where tranquility is just a few steps away – achievable by integrating nine simple steps into your daily life. ‘Tranquility by Tuesday’, a book by Laura Vanderkam, strives to help readers declutter their hectic lives and make time for what truly matters. Through mastery of time management, embracing flexibility, and prioritizing one’s self, this book emphasizes finding success in the ordinary and mundane. This transformative guide not only simplifies complex concepts but also equips readers with effective strategies, ultimately instilling a sense of calm, productivity, and mindfulness.

Finding Success in the Everyday

The book presents nine specific steps that encourage intentional living, achieving more peaceful, productive, and mindful everyday experiences. The first step is setting a bedtime for better quality sleep and improved well-being.

Do you ever feel like the daily grind gets in the way of living a successful life? Success is often defined by material possessions and lofty achievements, but what if we started to look for it in the ordinary moments? By being intentional and following nine specific steps, you can achieve a more peaceful, productive, and mindful life.

Time management is both an art and a craft, but the first step is simple: set a bedtime. Most people require seven to nine hours of quality sleep for optimal health and well-being, yet many don’t achieve this. Going to bed at the right time and for the right amount of time is essential. For example, falling asleep with your toddler at 8:00 p.m., waking up on the sofa at 11:30 p.m. won’t give you the same benefits as sleeping from 10:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.

To improve your sleep quality, count backwards from your desired wake-up time and set an alarm 15 minutes before bedtime. This simple action can be the foundation for a more fulfilling life.

Plan for Success

Learn three simple steps to maximize your time and achieve your goals: plan your week on Fridays, move your body daily, and prioritize your passions three times a week.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unproductive? Do you struggle to fit in exercise, hobbies, or spiritual practices amidst your work and familial responsibilities? Look no further! With just three simple steps, you can make the most of your time and achieve your goals.

First, set aside some time each Friday to plan out the following week. This pocket of time is the perfect opportunity to prioritize your tasks and schedule in fulfilling activities, such as exploring new restaurants or trying out a new hobby. Plus, planning in advance means you can enjoy your weekends without worrying about losing an evening to planning.

Second, make sure to move your body daily, even if it’s just for a short walk or ten minutes on the treadmill. This simple habit will not only boost your health but also improve your mindset and productivity.

Lastly, prioritize your passions by setting aside time for them at least three times a week. The key is to aim for consistency rather than perfection. If you’re struggling to find time for family meals or exercise, take a closer look at your schedule. You may already be engaging in those activities at least twice a week without even realizing it. Once you’ve set a manageable goal for pursuing your passions, you’ll find yourself doing it even more without feeling guilty about not doing it every day.

Incorporate these three simple steps into your routine, and you’ll be amazed at how much more productive and fulfilled you feel. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to success!

Building Flexibility into Your Schedule

In the book Scarcity, authors Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir discuss a hospital that implemented a solution to handle emergencies more efficiently by keeping one operating room free for emergencies only. The hospital reduced delays and handled more surgeries overall. The same concept can be applied to our schedules by setting aside “backup” blocks of time to catch up on things that pop up or get moved due to unforeseen circumstances. By intentionally building flexibility into our schedules, we can be more relaxed and productive. This built-in buffer helps us worry less about getting things done and frees up time to truly live.

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