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Summary of: Welcome Home
By: Najwa Zebian


Discover the secrets of self-love, compassion, and clarity in Najwa Zebian’s thought-provoking book, ‘Welcome Home’. This journey takes you through the metaphorical rooms of the mind, each dedicated to a specific aspect of personal growth and well-being. Through exploring topics such as practicing self-love, the art of forgiveness, setting boundaries, and surrendering to reality, readers gain insights into building a stable foundation within themselves. This book provides practical activities and thought experiments to assist in embracing self-compassion and achieving emotional intelligence.

Building Your Home: The Journey of Self-Love

Imagine a loved one coming to you for comfort. You show them empathy and kindness, but would you do the same for yourself? Self-love is essential and entails treating oneself with the same understanding we show others. Love originates from within and first being kind to oneself strengthens it. To build a sustainable home within yourself, move from external love to self-love by accepting and recognizing the love around you. The journey of building oneself includes forgiveness and self-compassion. Practice self-love by noticing small acts of love happening around you every day. When you accept the love in the world and recognize your deservingness, you have started your journey of self-love.

The Forgiveness Room

Forgiveness is a crucial tool in finding inner peace after experiencing pain caused by others or ourselves. The process of forgiving is not about the person who caused the pain but about our own healing. It’s important to understand that forgiveness is not about forgetting what has happened but rather about letting go of the pain. We should not wait for apologies that may never come or dwell on actions we cannot understand. By using “I” statements, we can focus on our emotions rather than the other person’s actions. Reflecting on our pain and expressing our emotions can help us understand and let go of the hurt. Forgiveness allows us to pick up the broken pieces and create a new version of ourselves. We must understand that forgiving is a process and takes time to achieve true inner peace.

Room by Room: How to Build a Home of Compassion

Building a compassionate home within yourself involves inviting others in with boundaries and self-love. The “Compassion Room” is the only space for guests, and the most crucial guest is yourself. You can decide who to let in and who to keep out, setting boundaries with your personal “I” statements. Finally, reinforcing these boundaries in the Clarity Room allows for a safe and compassionate home.

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