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Summary of: Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite
By: Peter Schweizer


In ‘Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite’, Peter Schweizer presents an eye-opening look at the political careers of prominent American progressives. The book offers insights into how these politicians, including Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, have leveraged friendships and connections with powerful figures to further their careers and cover up misdemeanors. Schweizer delves into the duplicitous practices, corruption, and hypocrisy in their rise to power, exposing the hidden maneuvers and deals made along the way.

Kamala Harris’ Rise to Power

Kamala Harris, a senator from California and former attorney general, has been referred to as the “female Barack Obama.” However, her success may be attributed to favors from a corrupt political machine. Harris became intertwined with Willie Brown, a powerful politician, resulting in new political appointments, increased pay, and connections for Harris. When Brown was mayor of San Francisco, he supported Harris’ campaign to become district attorney. Harris’ willingness to be tough on crime is in question, as she remained silent in cases involving political supporters. An instance of her selective prosecution was a child abuse scandal involving the Catholic church. Though she inherited the case and received unprecedented donations from the church during her campaign, she never pursued a single case against abusive priests during her tenure as district attorney.

Kamala Harris: A Puppeteer of Political Power

Kamala Harris, a former attorney of California and the current junior Senator, meticulously leverages her political affiliations to climb the ranks in the corrupt California political machine. Her rise to power is marred by her discreet involvement in cover-ups of her influential friends’ misdemeanors. One of the most alarming cases was Harris’s refusal to pursue allegations of child abuse against Catholic priests while she was the District Attorney in San Francisco, despite receiving donations from the Catholic Church during her campaign.

Cory Booker’s True Character

Mayor Cory Booker is often praised for his heroic actions, but his true character and intentions may not be as pure as they seem. Despite portraying himself as a champion for the people of Newark, Booker’s actions suggest that he cares more about his image than the lives of his constituents. This is evident in his mishandling of the snow plowing crisis, his questionable tent protests, and his money-driven interests. His focus on gaining financial aid from certain organizations and causes has also led him to neglect his job as a mayor. While Booker speaks out against corruption, his actions suggest otherwise.

Elizabeth Warren’s Troubled History

Elizabeth Warren’s political career and academic success have been tainted by her false claims of Native American heritage and financial opportunism. Prior to her appointment as Massachusetts senator, Warren was a Harvard professor specializing in bankruptcy law. She declared herself as a “minority” law professor of Native American origin in an academic directory to bolster her career but was later revealed to be no more than 1/32nd Native American. By misrepresenting her race, both the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School could tout her as a minority faculty member, with Harvard even boasting of her as its “first woman of color.” Warren’s reputation as an advocate for people of color and working-class Americans is called into question as she advised on various legal cases that contradicted that stance. Warren was influential in advising Congress on bankruptcy laws in the mid-1990s. The resulting laws allow large corporations to avoid liability and shield themselves from lawsuits by declaring bankruptcy. One of the companies that sought Warren’s consultancy was LTV Steel. In public appearances, Warren criticized the company’s treatment of employees, but privately, she charged $10,000 to help LTV avoid legal liabilities. Warren’s lies about her heritage and financial opportunism raise doubts about her credibility and political ethics.

Sherrod Brown: The Progressive Betrayer

Sherrod Brown is a US Senator known for advocating workers’ rights and promoting progressive policies. However, he is accused of being corrupt and dishonest when it comes to protecting union leaders who donate to his campaign and his family’s business interests. Despite portraying himself as a regular working-class guy, Brown has never held a full-time job outside of politics. He is accused of protecting union leaders but not union workers, and introducing bills that directly benefit his brother’s non-profits that promote unscientific claims. It seems that Brown is more interested in himself and his family’s financial gain than representing those he professes to give a voice to.

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