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Summary of: Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!
By: Andrew Breitbart


In Righteous Indignation, author Andrew Breitbart exposes the hypocrisy and immorality of the political Left, especially their manipulative control over the media. The book delves into the roots of the Left’s power, tracing it back to the influential Marxist thinkers of the Frankfurt School, and exposes their impact on American society. Throughout the book, Breitbart provides numerous examples of how the Left uses its influence in the media and Hollywood to propagate its ideologies, discredit opponents, and control the narrative. Readers will be given a comprehensive understanding of the so-called Democrat-Media Complex and how it shapes modern American politics.

The Democrat-Media Complex

The influence of the political Left on the media in America is overwhelming. The author shares his personal experience on how the Left manipulates society through the media and the Democrat-Media Complex. The events surrounding Clarence Thomas’s nomination to the Supreme Court in 1991 illustrate how amoral the political Left can be. They accused Thomas of sexual harassment, tarnishing the impressive achievements of a Republican who was about to become a Supreme Court justice. The author realized that the media was not neutral and had actively sided with the Left, leading him to rethink his political beliefs. The Democrat-Media Complex controls everything, including society. It is our responsibility to counter the Left’s message through new media such as video, Twitter, and Facebook.

Origins of the Democrat-Media Complex

The Frankfurt School intellectuals brought progressive Marxist-influenced ideas to America around WWII. Herbert Marcuse, a member of the group, aimed to mobilize ethnic and sexual minorities to dismantle capitalism. Saul Alinsky built on these ideas, using ridicule as a weapon of social protest. Rules for Radicals served as a manual for the powerless to displace the haves. Personalize and polarize the opponent to present oneself as entirely good and the opponent as entirely evil.

Hollywood and the Media: Propaganda Tools of the Left

The Left leverages its connections with Hollywood celebrities and the media to spread propaganda. The attacks on former President George W. Bush are a perfect example of this. Hollywood stars and musicians openly criticized Bush, and the media followed suit. The author explains how the Left’s influence in the media inspired him to launch Arianna Huffington’s liberal-leaning news site, The Huffington Post. He wanted to spotlight the Left’s illogical thought processes and show how similar The Huffington Post was to other media outlets, even though it claims to be neutral. The author eventually grew uncomfortable with his involvement and came out as a Republican. This book exposes the Left’s injustices and the dangers of relying on Hollywood and media propaganda.

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