The Bubble of American Supremacy | George Soros

Summary of: The Bubble of American Supremacy
By: George Soros


Dive into George Soros’ compelling book, ‘The Bubble of American Supremacy’, where he critiques the Bush administration’s doctrine of preemptive action, which he believes led to a decline of global opinion on the United States. Unravel the various facets of this powerful book, including the impact of the administration’s policies on international relations, their manipulation of the U.S. economy, how they exploited the September 11 attacks, and Soros’ rationale for urging Americans to reject George W. Bush’s re-election in the 2004 presidential race. Learn about Soros’ background and his own experience with politics, as well as his ideas on how to reestablish America’s position in the world.

The Deceitful Bush Administration

In “The Case Against the Bush Administration,” George Soros presents a scathing critique of the Bush administration’s policies, particularly the Bush doctrine, which he argues has damaged America’s security and reputation. Soros believes that Bush’s administration hijacked the September 11 attacks to advance their own agenda and pass the Patriot Act, which infringes on American civil liberties. The Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq, which Soros calls a blunder, destabilized the Muslim world, threatened nascent open societies, and damaged America’s economy. Soros suggests that Bush’s economic policies, which favor the wealthy and increase the budget deficit, will ultimately throttle back the economy. Soros argues that American supremacy, which Bush’s administration seeks, is a bubble that will collapse if the American people continue to endorse Bush’s policies. Soros proposes that the American people throw the Bush administration out of office and return to a well-thought-out multilateral foreign policy. The U.S. should also be more active in devising a just and equitable approach to compensating countries for their natural resources, and in requiring companies to publish data on payments to resource-rich countries.

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