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Summary of: Un-Trumping America: A Plan to Make America a Democracy Again
By: Dan Pfeiffer


Welcome to our summary of ‘Un-Trumping America: A Plan to Make America a Democracy Again’ by Dan Pfeiffer. In this book, the author dives into the implications of Trumpism and its effects on the American political landscape. You will explore some core political principles of Trumpism, learn about the crucial differences between Democrats and Republicans, and understand the importance of working together to devise radical strategies to win elections. Furthermore, Pfeiffer provides an array of suggestions on repairing the American political system and discusses the potential threat of a competent, authoritarian president.

Trumpism: A Bigger Threat

In the book, Dan Pfeiffer argues that while Trump may be unique, Trumpism is a more dangerous threat due to its ability to tap into the worst instincts of Republicans. The author describes Trumpism as a set of values that include lying, promoting racial divides, hating on the press, using propaganda, and winning at all costs. Pfeiffer suggests that Trump has essentially healed the divide in the Republican party between establishment figures and the anti-establishment Tea Party by making policies that both factions love and focusing on race. The author warns that Democrats need to up their game to combat this broader appeal among Republicans that is bound to continue long after Trump is gone.

Power Play: Democrats vs Republicans

In this book, the author compares the fundamental differences in approach between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to political power. While Democrats prioritize principles and good policy, Republicans focus on consolidating and maintaining power at all costs, even if it means suppressing the vote or gerrymandering. The author argues that this gives Republicans like Mitch McConnell an unfair advantage over Democrats. The book also explores the tactics that Democrats can use in the 2020 presidential election and how a Democratic president can tackle the system to diminish the Republicans’ hold on power.

Uniting Democrats for a Radical 2020 Election Strategy

The Democratic National Committee serves as an umbrella organization for multiple Democratic bodies, making their mission complex yet crucial in the fight against Trump. Instead of attacking Trump’s weaknesses, Democrats should focus on his supposed strengths, such as immigration and trade, to expose his true record. The election should not be a mere referendum but a platform for a genuine alternative candidate. A proper media strategy should prioritize social media, not just traditional methods. Winning is the first step, but what comes after a Democratic president is elected is equally important.

Making The US Political System Fairer

Dan Pfeiffer’s book emphasizes the urgent need for the Democrats to promote fairness in America’s political system. The book highlights how the political system has been skewed towards the Republicans’ interests, with underhanded tactics used to suppress voter turnout and maintain an unfair advantage.

The main focus of the book is on the need for the Democrats to push for a range of changes that will make the political system fairer for all. These include measures such as automatic voter registration, expanding early voting, and even considering lowering the voting age to 16. Furthermore, Democrats need to be more aggressive in pushing for these changes to create a more equitable political system.

In addition to voter suppression, the book also highlights other systemic issues, particularly those associated with the Senate. The two-senators-per-state system essentially gives 30% of the population control of 68 of the Senate’s 100 seats, which goes against the democratic principles of fairness and equality. One solution proposed by the author is to create more states – Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico both stand out as meriting this.

Finally, the book explores the problems with the electoral college system and how it has allowed the candidate with fewer overall votes to win the presidency 40% of the time since 2000. The Democrats need to push for the scrapping of this antiquated system to ensure that the presidential election process is fairer and more reflective of the will of the people.

Overall, Dan Pfeiffer’s book offers a compelling argument for the Democrats to prioritize fairness in the nation’s political system. Democrats need to be more aggressive in pushing for changes that promote voter turnout, fair representation, and a system that reflects the country’s democratic principles.

Rebalancing the Political Scales

The book discusses how Republicans have an unfair advantage in political campaigns due to the removal of caps on campaign contributions by the Citizens United decision. The Democrats need to reform their fundraising methods and support the unions to level the playing field. The book suggests creating a new nationwide system for funding Democratic campaigns, give more power to the Federal Election Commission and passing the DISCLOSE Act to force organizations to disclose their spending. The Employee Free Choice Act should be implemented, and the gig economy should be regulated to protect workers’ rights. The Democrats need to mimic the Republicans to look after their supporter base and create a fair political system.

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