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Summary of: Super Brain Power
By: Jean Marie Stine


Welcome to the insightful summary of ‘Super Brain Power’ by Jean Marie Stine. This book challenges the conventional notion of relying solely on IQ tests to measure intelligence, revealing that individuals possess six distinct intelligences: verbal, visual, logical, creative, physical, and emotional. You’ll discover how each of these intelligences can be a competitive asset in various professional environments, and how mastering them can lead to a successful career and fulfilling life. This summary will introduce you to specific exercises and techniques that can help you develop each of these six intelligences, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your brain power.

Unlocking Your Multiple Intelligences

Do you feel burdened by a low IQ score? According to the book summary, the IQ test only measures a limited range of individual abilities and neglects to recognize the six distinct types of intelligence that human beings possess. These include verbal, visual, logical, creative, physical and emotional intelligence. While some professions value one type of intelligence over others, every type can be honed and developed through specific activities and exercises. Ditch the stigma of a low IQ score and unlock your true intellectual potential by focusing on building your individual intelligence strengths.

Are you tired of feeling held back by a low IQ score? Take comfort in knowing that IQ tests only measure a narrow range of abilities and overlook the six distinct types of intelligence that we possess as humans. While the verbal and logical types might be crucial in certain professions, creative and emotional intelligence can also be competitive assets, depending on your career path. These types of intelligence are not mutually exclusive and can be developed and improved with targeted activities and exercises. Don’t be weighed down by a single number and focus instead on unlocking your full intellectual potential by building on your individual strength areas.

The Power of Verbal Intelligence

IQ tests measure word usage more than logical intelligence. Mastering words will lead to prosperity, persuasive writing, selling, conversation finesse, and winning over others.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Enhance your communication skills by writing down comebacks, solving puzzles, reading books and listening effectively to others. This book suggests keeping a notebook to jot down retorts that come to mind after a conversation, so you can use them in future interactions. Solving crossword puzzles and playing Scrabble help develop wordplay and vocabulary. Work your way up to reading more books by starting with books adapted into movies with accompanying audiobooks to improve reading comprehension. Practice writing and talking clearly, and listen carefully to others to respond appropriately.

Enhance Your Visual Ability

Develop your visual ability by practicing exercises such as thinking in pictures, observing gardens and paintings, and imagining yourself performing actions. Additionally, develop photographic memory by glancing at objects and recalling them in detail with closed eyes. These exercises use similar muscles and are almost as effective as actually performing them.

Building Logical Thinking

Enhance your logical thinking skills by taking time to think before speaking, asking thoughtful questions, visiting cultural sites, and learning about logical fallacies. Additionally, solving problems by stating objectives, assessing alternative strategies and verifying your logic before deciding on action can substantially improve your critical thinking abilities.

Unlock Your Creative Intelligence

The misconception that creative people possess talent unavailable to others is debunked in this book. Instead, the author stresses the idea that everyone possesses creative intelligence. To unlock it, one must actively exercise their creativity. Doing so will lead to a stable flow of inspiration and ideas. In other words, creativity is not innate, but a skill that can be improved.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

The book suggests 6 practical ways to upskill creativity and problem-solving abilities. The author encourages readers to incorporate variety in their daily routines and try alternate approaches to usual patterns. The book recommends techniques such as practicing empathy, identifying and solving problems before bed, and brainstorming ideas with others. The author also introduces the concept of ultradian rhythms and urges readers to use them to their advantage by mastering their mental energy cycles. Overall, the book provides useful insights and techniques to unlock one’s creative potential.

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