Live No Lies | John Mark Comer

Summary of: Live No Lies: Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies That Sabotage Your Peace
By: John Mark Comer


In ‘Live No Lies’, John Mark Comer offers a brutally honest exploration of the modern world and the problems it is causing for both secular and religious individuals. The book reveals how lies have infiltrated our lives, deceiving us into believing that they lead to happiness and freedom. By analyzing pressing issues like declining happiness levels, divorce, and the increasing hostile attitude towards Christianity, Comer seeks to help the reader identify the lies that hold us back from living fulfilling lives. Throughout the summary, readers can expect to dive deep into the challenges faced by Christians living in secular society and discover practical ways to combat these lies and live in truth.

Finding Truth in a Secular World

A pastor from Portland highlights the challenges of living in a secular society and discusses how it treats lies as truth, leading to unhappiness and sin. He argues that divorce, sexual liberation, and changing attitudes towards family have contributed to the decline of happiness levels in the US since the 1960s, and that identifying and rejecting lies is essential for living a good Christian life and finding happiness. This book discusses lies in-depth and offers solutions to combat them.

The Devil, Lies, and Deception

The belief in the devil may be dismissed as ancient nonsense, but if the devil is real as the Bible says, he is the master manipulator who traps people with lies. The devil’s aim is to isolate people and make them sin with the lies he tells them. Despite being surrounded by lies in secular society, it’s crucial for Christians to remain vigilant in their spiritual war against lies and be prepared to think critically to protect themselves.

The devil, a myth or reality? In the past, people believed in devil and demons, but these days, even Christians are skeptical. The idea of the devil seems like ancient nonsense, but what if the people who believed in the devil were right after all? This book summary argues that the devil is real, and he is the master manipulator who traps people with lies. The devil isolates people and makes them sin by telling them lies. The devil knows what lies to tell to manipulate people’s thoughts. For instance, a married man might believe that a divorce and a new relationship will bring him happiness, but that’s a lie.

Even intelligent people are terrible at identifying lies. Lies have become accepted and normalized in secular society, which makes it hard for people to differentiate between truth and deception. Since some false ideas have found their way into the law, it’s crucial for Christians to remain vigilant in their spiritual war against lies, which is not a straightforward battle. The devil is subtle and skilled, using digital disinformation campaigns instead of traditional weapons. Therefore, people need to be prepared to think critically to protect themselves from the lies they hear on a daily basis.

Becoming More Like Jesus

Life is a journey of spiritual formation, and for Christians, becoming more like Jesus is the ultimate goal. By embracing relationships, reality, and spiritual practices like prayer and scripture reading, Christians can resist the lies of the devil and align themselves with God’s truth. They must also be mindful of the culture they consume, as it shapes their thoughts and actions. With intentional effort, Christians can become more like Jesus and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

True Freedom According to Christianity

Society’s skewed perception of freedom leads to enslavement by desires, while true freedom comes from willingly submitting to God’s path.

Human desire is an undeniable aspect of our existence. It is a primitive instinct to seek personal satisfaction, and it has been a problem since Adam and Eve. However, the way society views desire has changed, resulting in turmoil and discomfort. Sigmund Freud believed that suppressing desire led to unhappiness, and this notion has influenced the west significantly, encouraging people to follow their desires. While many people see this as a hallmark of modern freedom, it is counterproductive. Secular culture promotes the idea that people can do whatever they want, but not all desires are equal, nor should people succumb to every whim.

True freedom is not doing what one wants, with no constraints or repercussions, but following God’s path. Christians believe that submitting to an external authority is what leads to genuine freedom. In other words, voluntary submission to God’s path makes one freer than blindly following their desires without thought for the consequences.

The secular West has misguided ideas about freedom, leading to enslavement by desires, contrary to what other cultures and beliefs encourage. Pursuing what one wants may seem like a path to happiness and satisfaction, but it is a lie that leaves people feeling miserable. The rise in anxiety and depression in today’s world is a testament to this phenomenon. True freedom comes from willingly submitting to God’s plan and controlling desires that are detrimental to our lives.

The Law of Returns

The law of returns suggests that every cause has an effect, and the effect may be disproportionate to the cause. Our repeated actions can add up over time, leading to the formation of habits that determine the people we become. While positive habits can be acquired, repeated negative actions can become bad habits that are difficult to change. It’s never too late to reflect on our behavior and make positive changes. By combining this mentality with spiritual practices, Christians can stay on the right path and become more like Jesus.

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