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Summary of: Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
By: Michael Todd


Embark on a journey to redefine your relationship goals with Michael Todd’s book, ‘Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex’. Through inspiring stories and scriptures, Todd offers a fresh perspective on realistic relationship goals, helping you find a partner who aligns with God’s teachings. You’ll learn the importance of building a healthy relationship with God first, and discover the six key steps in developing successful romantic relationships. Ultimately, this book will guide you towards fulfilling relationships that bring you closer to God and improve your overall well-being.

Realistic Relationship Goals

Modern relationship ideals are often portrayed through perfect-looking couples on social media, in magazines, newspapers, and TV shows. However, these images are merely snapshots of relationships that only emphasize the good things and exclude the bad things, leading to unrealistic expectations about what kind of partners we should look for. Relationship goals have to be realistic. The problem is that our ideas of a perfect partner are based on superficial things like physical appearance, careers, or financial situations, reflecting our wants and desires instead of our actual needs. The key to realistic relationship goals is to aim for what we genuinely want and need from a partner that fulfills our life’s purpose and aligns with God’s eternal truths.

The Importance of Relationship Goals According to God’s Teachings

Many people enter into relationships without a clear goal, leading to aimless wandering. The Bible outlines important relationship goals of kindness, integrity, forgiveness, and helping partners achieve their purpose. A partnership aligned with God’s teachings can allow individuals to achieve their God-given purpose and bring them closer to Him.

The Importance of a Relationship with God

We were born from God’s love, and thus our relationship with Him should come first. This strong foundation will lead to healthy relationships with others. Doug’s story proves that no one is exempt from needing a relationship with God. Daily devotionals, including reading the Bible and talking to God, are important to stay connected. Ultimately, being close to God will help in creating, maintaining, and progressing in relationships while encircled with love.

Relationship Roadmap

The author reflects on how the church doesn’t address relationships leading people to be influenced by pop culture. The book outlines the six stages of a successful relationship: singleness, dating, engagement, marriage, love, and children. The most vital stage being singleness allowing for personal development and self-discovery before committing to a partnership. It encourages readers to invest in themselves and inspire others while achieving their purpose, leading to a solid foundation for future relationships.

Intentional Dating

The author emphasizes the importance of entering romantic relationships with the ultimate goal of marriage in mind. He shares his personal experience of breaking up with the love of his life to pursue recreational dating, which only resulted in heartache and distraction. He advises being selective in choosing a partner who is dependable, supportive, and shares the same goal of marriage. His golden rule for dating is simple: if a person isn’t someone you would marry, they’re not worth dating. Ultimately, intentional dating leads to a successful marriage.

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