The Four Loves | C.S. Lewis

Summary of: The Four Loves
By: C.S. Lewis


Prepare to delve into the profound and multifaceted concept of love, as illustrated by C.S. Lewis in his remarkable book ‘The Four Loves’. In this enlightening journey, we will explore the different aspects of love, including Gift-love and Need-love, and how they interconnect and manifest in our lives. Discover the four distinct types of love: Affection, Friendship, Eros, and Charity, and uncover their unique qualities and challenges. By understanding these intricate dynamics of love, you will learn the importance of nurturing and sustaining them and ultimately, enhancing our connections with others and our relationship with God.

Exploring the Different Types of Love

In this book, C.S. Lewis explores the different categories of love and how they motivate us. Lewis divides love into two groups: Gift-love and Need-love, and explains how they play an important role in our relationship with God and with others. While Gift-love reflects Divine Love, which is complete and abundant, Need-love arises from a place of lack or longing. However, Need-loves are incredibly important as they motivate us to seek guidance and comfort from others, laying the foundation for Gift-loves to develop. Ultimately, by reflecting on these different types of love, we can learn to welcome Divine Love into our hearts.

The Four Types of Love

Have you ever thought about the different types of love you feel for the people in your life? According to Lewis, there are four distinct types of love. The first type is Affection, which is often the earliest form of love we experience as babies. Affection is based on familiarity and doesn’t discriminate in the way that other loves do. It brings people together who wouldn’t otherwise be close and broadens our minds by exposing us to different perspectives. However, even though we haven’t chosen the people we feel affection for, we still need to put effort into nurturing these relationships.

The Power of True Friendship

Friendship, unlike Affection, is a bond that grows through shared passions. True friends are invested in each other’s journey and provide unwavering support. Among friends, we can strip away labels and form genuine connections. While Friendship brings out the best in us, it’s important to balance it with Affection to avoid falling into an echo chamber of similar opinions.

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