The Surrender Experiment | Michael A. Singer

Summary of: The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection
By: Michael A. Singer


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth as we delve into the book summary of ‘The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection’ by Michael A. Singer. Learn how the author explores the notion of consciousness and the anxious mind, and how to overcome resistance by letting go and following the flow of life. Discover how surrendering to service, challenges, and change can lead to unexpected opportunities and personal growth, and how spiritual principles can have a profound impact on both personal and professional aspects of one’s life.

Spiritual Awakening

Learn how to turn awkward moments into opportunities for spiritual growth by observing and quieting the mind through meditation.

When conversation runs dry and you feel anxious, it may seem like an awkward situation, but it is actually an opportunity for spiritual growth. By observing your thoughts and separating them from your consciousness, you can achieve deeper self-awareness. One way to quiet the constant chatter of your mind is by practicing Zen meditation. By focusing on your breath and the sound “Mu,” you train your mind to experience silence and stillness.

The author shares his experience on a camping trip where he meditated in a secluded spot until he achieved spiritual awareness. He discovered that looking beyond oneself and connecting with something greater is the key to true meditation. Spiritual awakening is within reach, and it can be found in the most unexpected moments.

The Power of Acceptance

Do you often feel agitated and anxious when things don’t go your way? The author of this book realized that resistance to change leads to negative thoughts and decided to go with the flow of life. By accepting challenges, he found himself better prepared for an exam, thanks to a random act of studying that paid off. The message is clear: accept what life throws at you and experience more positive outcomes.

The Power of Surrender

Saying yes to unexpected requests and challenges can lead to transformation and unexpected opportunities, as the author found in his journey from hermit to spiritual leader.

Have you ever said no to a request from a friend, feeling overwhelmed with your own duties and responsibilities? The author of this book suggests that surrendering to service and being open to unexpected requests can lead to transformational experiences and opportunities that might have been otherwise missed.

One example was when Sandy, a woman who wanted to join the author’s meditation sessions, asked if she could pitch a tent in his backyard. The author said yes, which eventually transformed his home into a spiritual space, attracting more people and leading to the building of a temple. He also found himself arranging retreats with spiritual masters from India.

Another instance was when the author was asked to attend an interview for a teaching position in economics, something he had no interest in. He decided to surrender to the request, only to discover during the interview that he would like to instruct students on the benefits of meditation instead. The program director accepted his proposal, leading to an unexpected opportunity.

Surrendering to challenges and change also led the author to unexpected places. When his neighbor moved away, he promised to visit the neighbor’s pen pal, Jerry, in a high-security prison 40 miles away. Despite hesitancy, the author went and discovered Jerry had a keen interest in meditation. Inmates soon began to join them, eventually forming a gathering of five or six fellow inmates who meditated with the author.

In summary, surrendering to service and unexpected requests can lead to transformational experiences, and saying yes to challenges and change can bring about unexpected opportunities.

Building a Business with Love

Discover how living in line with spiritual principles can lead to success in business.

Many people believe that meditation and spirituality are only for those who want to abandon the material world. However, the author of this book learned that spiritual principles can be life-changing for business people too.

The author’s first business began when the local sheriff admired the temple he had built on his grounds and asked him to build an extension on his house. Having vowed to surrender to life, the author became a carpenter and as he went with the flow, his business began to flourish. Word of mouth soon spread throughout the community and clients came easily.

However, the author encountered a problem when he needed a loan to start his business, named “Built with Love.” Due to his lack of experience and limited funds, every bank rejected him except for one. The branch president, Jim Owens, personally drove out to see the author’s temple and was persuaded to grant the loan.

Interestingly, things came full circle when Jim Owens quit banking to open a video store and needed a loan. The author was able to help him out.

The author’s story shows us that living in line with spiritual principles can bring unexpected opportunities and success in business.

From Carpenter to Software Developer

A carpenter follows his intuition and builds a successful career in software development.

Less than forty years ago, the idea of computers was still futuristic, but when the author saw a TRS-80 computer in a shop window, he trusted his instinct and bought it. This led him down a path of programming and creating his own computerized accounting system for his carpentry business. As word got out about his skills, he began selling software, including developing a specialized software system for medical practices. Just as he finished creating a system to handle US insurance company intricacies, his distributor called looking for a medical billing solution. The author’s willingness to follow his intuition led him to a successful career in software development.

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