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Summary of: Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences
By: John Allen Paulos


Embark on a fascinating journey to understand the implications of mathematical illiteracy, or innumeracy, in our daily lives through John Allen Paulos’ book ‘Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences.’ The summary highlights the consequences of innumeracy, including challenges in making accurate judgments, interpreting probabilities, and understanding mathematical principles and their applications. Furthermore, the summary examines the prevalence of pseudoscience, the causes of innumeracy, and the role of math in understanding societal behavior and decision-making.

The Importance of Numeracy

Innumeracy is a rampant problem that affects a lot of people, leading to negative effects such as poor decision-making and a lack of understanding of simple mathematical principles. People who are innumerate are unable to react appropriately and make accurate judgments in situations involving numbers and probability. This lack of understanding makes them prone to personalizing and developing irrational fears based on limited experiences. The inability to grasp the implications of basic mathematical principles can also be overwhelming. It essential to understand numeracy and its basic principles as it helps us make well-informed decisions in our daily lives.

The Fascinating World of Coincidences

Discover how probability explains the likelihood of coincidences and why statistical evidence is key to understanding them.

In a world where everything seems to happen for a reason, can pure chance ever exist? Psychoanalytic pioneer Sigmund Freud would say no. In his view, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. But what is a coincidence, anyway? It’s an unlikely event that happens more often than we might think. In fact, it happens so often that we should expect coincidences to occur from time to time.

This is so well established that it has been used in court cases. Take, for instance, the case of the stolen purse and getaway car. The suspects had fits the description, but the court argued that it was statistically likely that there were many such couples in a city sizeable as Los Angeles, and most of them were innocent.

Statistics and probability can explain the likelihood of coincidence, yet many people fail to understand this and confuse simple nuances. For example, while it’s probable that some coincidences will occur, it’s much less likely that a specific coincidence will occur.

Consider a party with 23 attendees. The probability that at least two people share a birthday is 50 percent. However, it’s much less likely that two people will share a birthday on a specific date, like September 21st. In fact, you’d need a guest list of 253 people for the probability of a specific shared birthday to reach 50 percent.

In conclusion, there’s something intriguing about the unexpected convergence of events. Probability and statistics help explain it, reminding us to rely on empirical evidence and keep a clear head when interpreting unusual occurrences.

The Pseudoscientific Exploitative Misuse of Math

The pseudoscientific industry built on the exploitative misuse of math is prevalent in astrology. Astrology claims that our personality and moods are correlated with the planets’ positions at the time of birth. However, astrology is a sham, and the gravitational pull of the doctor or nurse who delivered us outweighs that of planets millions of miles away. Unfortunately, pseudoscience has also targeted even the brilliant minds like Freud, who fell for Wilhelm Fliess’s false claims about the significance of the numbers 23 and 28. Innumerate people are easily manipulated by the pseudoscientific industry as math lends an air of universal truth, making it an attractive tool.

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