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Summary of: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
By: Neil Strauss


Ever wondered how ordinary people manage to attract and seduce beautiful women? The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss unveils the underground world of pickup artists (PUAs), who exchange seduction tactics and techniques through online forums, workshops, and mentorship. This summary explores the various methods deployed by PUAs, including hypnosis, social dynamics, and manipulating emotions. Strap in as we delve into the fascinating world of seduction, revealing expert techniques, the rise and fall of Project Hollywood, and the potential pitfalls of the pickup lifestyle.

The Evolution of Seduction Tactics

Seduction tactics have been around since ancient times, but modern techniques were introduced by Eric Weber in 1970 in his book “How to Pick Up Girls.” Since then, an online community of pickup artists (PUAs) has emerged, sharing advice on seducing women and exchanging tips on blogs, websites, and chatrooms. This community has grown exponentially and even evolved to physical workshops held by respected gurus. With over 3,000 online posts amounting to 2,500 written pages of seduction advice, the PUA community has come a long way from its virtual roots.

The Dark World of Hypnotic Seduction

The seduction community has developed varied methods to win over women, one being hypnosis. Ross Jeffries, the founder of the pickup community, created Speed Seduction, using hypnosis and psychology to arouse emotions. He taught other pickup artists this technique. Steve P. and “Rasputin” are adept at using hypnosis to seduce women. Steve P. was eventually paid for his ability to induce orgasms on command. Rasputin worked on increasing his self-confidence to become irresistible.

Mastering Social Dynamics

Social dynamics can transform an average Joe into a chick-magnet. Canadian pickup artist, Mystery, outlines his FMAC strategy to effortlessly attract women. The technique involves finding a woman, presenting oneself as an alpha male, subtly insulting the woman to build her insecurity, and entertaining the group to gain attention. The pickup artist then takes the woman away from the group and entertains her until she shows interest. The PUA then asks if she would like to kiss, sealing the deal. This approach can help introverted individuals mingle with groups and become more socially confident. However, it is important to note that social dynamics should not be used for manipulative or ill-intentioned purposes.

The Obsessive World of Pickup Artistry

The author becomes consumed with mastering every tip and trick the pickup community could offer. He attended workshops and seminars and eventually develops his personal routine of opening, demonstrating value, building an emotional connection, and building a physical one. The routine includes getting a woman’s attention by asking intriguing questions, performing a unique trick or reading, learning about her to build an emotional connection, and finally building a physical one by getting to her place or his. However, the author’s obsession leads him to forget about the real world outside of his newfound passion. Keep reading to discover more knowledge from the pickup community.

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