Unscrewed | Jaclyn Friedman

Summary of: Unscrewed: Women, Sex, Power, and How to Stop Letting the System Screw Us All
By: Jaclyn Friedman


Welcome to the world of Unscrewed by Jaclyn Friedman, where you’ll uncover the often-unspoken truth of modern women’s lives and the systems that continue to demean, objectify, and rob them of their rights. This book summary helps us delve deeper into the plight of women, particularly those from minority groups, who face an unbearable history of mistreatment and dehumanization. Discover the rise of fauxpowerment, a popular fallacy that falsely claims women are now completely free and liberated. Join us as we expose underlying misogyny and outdated attitudes that still dominate our society, affecting women in the realms of media, reproductive justice, and sex education.

Mistreatment and Dehumanization of Women in America

Women in America continue to face inequality, injustice, and limitations to their freedom and liberty. Minority groups, such as Native American and transgender women, are especially vulnerable to violence and mistreatment. Native American women, in particular, have the highest rate of rape in the United States. Black women also suffer disproportionate injustice, with a long history of dehumanization and mistreatment. Young black women with a history of sexual abuse are far more likely to be in prison as a result of the abuse they have endured. This mistreatment is rooted in society’s perception of these groups as different and dehumanized. This must change to ensure the safety and equality of all women in America.

The Myth of Fauxpowerment

Despite the progress made in women’s liberation movements, women are still oppressed in numerous ways. A major trend in recent times is fauxpowerment, the false notion that women are entirely free and liberated. The idea of fauxpowerment is often used to distract from the underlying misogyny and traditional attitudes still prevalent in society. Examples of fauxpowerment include Fifty Shades of Grey and the Spice Girls. Despite being marketed as examples of female empowerment, they still perpetuate male-dominated relationships and objectify women. The profit generated by these supposed empowering movements often goes to men, further perpetuating existing gender inequalities. It is crucial to understand that true gender equality involves more than superficial changes and catchy tunes.

The Complexity of Female Sexuality

The objectification of women in media and the difficulty of embracing one’s sexuality is a constant struggle. Women are commonly portrayed as sexual objects, which undermines their intelligence and complexity. An experiment shows that women who feel like sex objects have a harder time focusing on cognitive tasks. Although some feminists frown upon women who work in sexualized industries, women should be able to choose to embrace their sexuality without shame. It’s important to distinguish between a woman who is openly sexual and one who is being sexualized and not jump to conclusions about their intentions.

Women’s Sexual Empowerment

Women have the same right as men to enjoy sex. Society, however, has commodified sex with men often viewing it as something they can purchase from women. Women, meanwhile, are often kept from exploring their sexuality due to shame or insecurity. Sexualized media images and products do not help the situation. It is crucial that women understand their right to enjoy sex and find ways to empower themselves sexually.

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