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Summary of: Golf’s Holy War: The Battle for the Soul of a Game in an Age of Science
By: Brett Cyrgalis


Welcome to the fascinating world of golf, where art and science wage an eternal battle. In ‘Golf’s Holy War: The Battle for the Soul of a Game in an Age of Science’, Brett Cyrgalis takes you on a journey through the game’s rich history, compelling stories, and complex evolution. This book summary highlights the rise of technical, data-driven methodologies that attempt to craft the perfect swing and challenge the longstanding realm of feel, intuition, and spirituality. From the mysticism of Michael Murphy’s ‘Golf in the Kingdom’ to the near-surgical precision of The Golfing Machine, be prepared to explore a landscape where precision meets presence, and science vies with spirituality to define the very essence of this enigmatic game.

The Complexity of Muscle Memory in Golf

The uniqueness of a pro golfer’s swing is due to the unreliability of muscle memory. Developing muscle memory is complex and even slight variations can lead to vastly different results in a golf swing. No two golf swings are ever exactly identical, and this is not necessarily a negative thing.

The Art and Science of Golf

Golf has always been a game where emotions and history play a significant role. However, with the rise of data and technology, a new analytical approach has emerged. This clash between art and science in golf has led to a greater appreciation of the emotional and feeling side of the sport. As golfers, coaches, and equipment manufacturers strive for perfection, they are rediscovering the game’s rich stories and unsolvable mysteries. By embracing both the analytical and intangible aspects of golf, players can achieve a deeper understanding of the game and their own abilities.

Decoding Golf with Physics and Mysticism

The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley provides a technical approach to the game of golf by breaking it down into precise components. This approach has been used by famous golf instructors David Leadbetter and Mike Schy to train award-winning golfers. However, Bobby Clampett’s loss in the 1982 US Open proves that despite technical perfection, golf is subject to luck and intangible qualities. Meanwhile, Michael Murphy’s Golf in the Kingdom metaphorically explores the spiritual and mystical elements of golf, influenced by Ben Hogan’s approach and a shaman he met in Scotland. Murphy’s belief that golf and religion intersect culminates in his meeting with Tiger Woods during a victorious game in the Canadian Open. Woods’s six-iron shot over water is described as both mystical and miraculous, fusing physics and instinct.

The Inner Game of Golf

The book explores the application of gestalt psychology to golf, emphasizing the inner game of golf, and the power of positive thinking and visualization. In the 1980s, Murphy and Fred Shoemaker, through their workshop “Golf in the Kingdom” at Esalen, helped golfers forget mechanics and focus on their swing. Around the same time, Dr. Bob Rotella was pioneering sports psychology, and his encounter with pro-golfer Tom Kite in 1984 revolutionized the field. Today, Rotella is a top golf psychologist, advising golfers to visualize success and maintain focus on the positive. Mental strength is vital in golf, not merely physical capabilities.

Tiger Woods: The Science of Golf

Tiger Woods, renowned golfer, went from relying on feel to embracing science to improve his game. He used video analysis, data, and measurement to reinvent his swing and win an astounding 45 victories including six major tournaments. Woods’s experiments with the new “Stack and Tilt” method helped him garner six more wins in 2013 and won him his first-in-the-world ranking. However, his physical and emotional downfall was also, in part, due to Hank Haney’s techniques. Woods’s latest coach, Chris Como, also a data-oriented TrackMan believer, helped him improve but Woods’s back problems persisted. Notably, Woods prevailed through balance and the technical and intangibles to achieve his championship game, making an astonishing comeback in 2018 where he won the Masters without a coach.

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