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Summary of: In Cold Blood
By: Truman Capote


Delve into the chilling tale of the infamous Clutter family murder in ‘In Cold Blood’ by Truman Capote. Based on a true 1959 crime that took place in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, this book takes you on a journey of discovery as Detective Dewey and his team painstakingly work to uncover the killers. You’ll find yourself engrossed by the twisted motives of the two ex-convicts, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, and their meticulously planned and executed crime that ultimately cost them their lives. Explore the dark psychological and emotional intricacies of the murderers, the progression of the investigation, and the vivid account of the events leading to the tragic murder of the Clutters.

The Chilling Account of a Perfect Murder

In this book, readers get an inside look at the cold and calculated murder of a Kansas family in 1959 by two ex-convicts, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. With the purchase of odd items such as rubber gloves, sturdy rope, and white nylon cord, the two men devised the perfect plan for their heinous crime. Their conversation revealed their intentions, as they reminded each other that there were to be “no witnesses.” The men’s lack of information on the number of people in the house they intended to rob made their purchase of 100 yards of cord sufficient to tie up at least 12 people.

The Tragic Clutter Family Murders

In 1959, the small town of Holcomb, Kansas was rocked by a gruesome crime. The Clutter family failed to show up at church one Sunday, prompting a group of neighbors to check on them. What they found was a gruesome murder scene – each family member had been bound and either shot in the head or had their throat slit. The motive for the killings was unclear, leaving the community shocked and fearful.

Murder Mystery Unraveled

The Clutter family murder left local law enforcement with no clues or motive. The KBI agent, Alvin Adams Dewey, was called in with 19 detectives to lead the investigation. With no apparent direction, Dewey explained at a press conference that determining the intended victim was key to solving the case. Yet, the coroner could not specify the order of the murders. Ultimately, However, after an intense investigation, the case was cracked, and justice was served.

The Clutter Family Murder Mystery

The Clutter family was brutally murdered, and their gardener, Paul Helm, reported seeing a ghostly figure at their empty home. With this lead, the sheriff and investigators rushed to the scene, where they encountered a suspicious-looking man. However, after several weeks of questioning Jonathan Adrian, they realized that he was just a curious trespasser and not the killer. The mystery remains unsolved.

Clue from a Cellmate

An inside job. Floyd Wells, an inmate at the Kansas Penitentiary recognizes the Clutter name and links his former cellmate, Dick Hickock, to the family’s murder. Floyd’s revelation ultimately helps the authorities catch the perpetrators, despite the dangers of snitching on a fellow inmate.

In Truman Capote’s true-crime novel In Cold Blood, the investigation into the Clutter family’s brutal murders had stonewalled for weeks. Only after an unexpected tip from an unlikely source, Floyd Wells, did the authorities finally have a break in the case. Floyd, a former cellmate of Dick Hickock, recognized the victims and the killer’s description broadcasted on the radio while serving time at the Kansas Penitentiary.

Floyd confided in a religious inmate, who urged him to come forward with the information. However, Floyd understood the perils of snitching while serving jail time. To avoid retribution from fellow inmates, he convinced the deputy warden to hear his testimony secretly. He disclosed his knowledge during his scheduled appointment, leaving other prisoners unaware of his cooperation.

Through Floyd’s revelation, investigators were finally able to uncover the truth and capture the murderers. The book explores the dangers and complexities of coming forward as an informant in prison and the high stakes involved when one criminal betrays another.

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