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Summary of: Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less
By: Brad Wilson


Discover the exciting world of informed consumerism with the book summary of ‘Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less’ by Brad Wilson. Learn the modern methods to score remarkable deals, stretch your budget, and make the most of your purchases. Embrace the power of the internet, store rewards programs, credit card bonuses, and other secret hacks to becoming a pro shopper. Go beyond outdated tactics and refurbish your consumer strategies with Wilson’s expert guidance. Transform your financial habits and live a better life all while maintaining your budget.

The Power of Consumerism

Consumer behavior has been influenced by marketing forces that persuade people to buy goods in a certain way. In the past, businesses controlled how consumers shopped and spent their money. However, the internet has changed the game, giving consumers more power and control. A new approach is needed to get the best deals, one that goes beyond traditional methods like comparing prices or clipping coupons. Innovative methods can help consumers come out on top. With a little inside knowledge, consumers can leverage their power in the market and get great deals.

From Broke College Student to Master Bargain Hunter

Author Brad Wilson shares how his quest for bargains began as a broke college student and turned into his life’s work as a consumer.

Brad Wilson’s journey to becoming a master bargain hunter began in college when he couldn’t afford internet access. He and his dormitory friends pooled their funds to buy a single internet account, which sparked Wilson’s passion to get the best prices on everything he needed. He discovered that everything in his college bookstore was overpriced, including laptops, books, calculators, and supplies with the school’s logo. So, he turned to online shopping and found much better deals on everything.

Wilson even created and passed out flyers, encouraging fellow students not to shop at the school store and providing information on better deals. He shopped online at eBay, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, searching for the lowest prices on textbooks. In fact, he discovered that Amazon’s Canadian website offered textbooks at 30% to 50% cheaper than at its American site.

From his experiences, Wilson learned that the default path in any consumer decision is usually the wrong one. He’s now dedicated to finding the best shopping deals and passing them on to consumers. As Wilson has also realized, advanced consumers who can identify the most inefficient pockets in the market can either save or profit significantly. This book is a great read for anyone looking to better understand how to shop, spend, travel or bank, and how advanced consumers can benefit.

Shop Smart for Better Savings

In his book, Wilson provides practical tips for savvy shoppers to get maximum savings while shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores. He highlights the importance of evaluating shopping deals based on their ‘layers,’ which include add-on fees, free shipping, coupon codes, and other factors that influence prices. Wilson recommends shopping online to take advantage of the cost advantage it offers, avoiding sales tax in most jurisdictions, and using Amazon’s Price Check tool to compare prices. He also suggests waiting for special deals to buy things cheaply and taking advantage of store rewards programs and credit cards that offer special features. Additionally, Wilson advises readers to be a patient shopper and acquire used or refurbished products to save money. He concludes the book by providing valuable tips for better credit management, including using credit to get more credit and being mindful of credit card bonuses.

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies compete to win new customers with better deals such as travel points and cash back. This competition offers opportunities for smart shoppers to get great deals. To make the most of credit card rewards, repair bad credit and apply for cards gradually to build up unused credit. Smart shoppers can make up to $1,000 or more through sign-up bonus offers. Always have at least one good rewards credit card and a good benefits card and take advantage of 0% interest deals. To get the best deals on new car loans, look for subsidized rates from manufacturers. Consider credit unions for the best deal on used-car loans and research them carefully to find the one most suitable for you. Use your preferred credit union as your primary financial institution and join a top one like Agricultural Federal Credit Union, Digital Federal Credit Union, or Patelco Credit Union. Meeting special requirements, such as setting up automatic bill payments, can also qualify you for bank deals.

Get the Best Price for Your Car

Don’t fall for the factory invoice price trick! To get a new car at the best price, join an organization that offers preferred pricing. For used cars, attend a dealer auction with the help of a licensed auto broker. And for leasing, compare rates on

Don’t let auto manufacturers trick you into paying too much for a new car. The factory invoice price is a fiction that includes rebates to the dealer, making it just as meaningless as the sticker price. To get a better deal, join an organization that offers preferred pricing. For example, if you like Chrysler cars, join Tread Lightly! and get a preferred price of 1% below the factory invoice for a Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, or Ram.

If you’re in the market for a used car, attending a dealer auction can save you thousands of dollars. But since these auctions are closed to the public, a licensed auto broker can help you navigate the process for a fee of around $500 to $700. And for leasing a car, compare rates on to find the best deal. Changing your habits and approach can help you afford the things you want, including a great deal on a car.

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