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Summary of: Dream Year: Make the Leap from a Job You Hate to a Life You Love
By: Ben Arment


Step into a life you’ll love with ‘Dream Year’ by Ben Arment, a book specifically crafted to guide you on your journey from a monotonous job you detest to an enriching life driven by your dreams. This captivating summary will explore the essence of frustration at work, the significance of pursuing your own aspirations, as well as overcoming the fear of failure, translating your passion into a profitable business, and creating unforgettable brand experiences. Arment presents a well-structured and engaging blueprint that enables readers from all walks of life to identify and follow their dreams, ultimately leading to a life filled with satisfaction and significance.

Embrace Frustration, Fuel Change

A staggering 66 percent of working Americans dislike their jobs, primarily because they’re working to fulfill someone else’s dream, not their own. But don’t despair! This frustration can ultimately be the catalyst for change. Start by clearly articulating the problems you face – talking to a friend about your job issues can often help you pinpoint and clarify your concerns. Use the immense energy generated by your job frustrations to launch your efforts to create a positive shift in your life. When second thoughts arise about the changes you’ve made or the risk you’ve taken, remember the dissatisfaction you felt in your previous job. This will rekindle your determination and keep you focused on your path. To find the right path for you, stop pursuing others’ dreams; start chasing your own, building a business around them, and ultimately creating the fulfilling life that you deserve.

Embrace Fear, Pursue Significance

Fear of failure holds many individuals back from quitting dissatisfying jobs and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. However, this fear is often misguided and should be replaced with a fear of insignificance. By accepting the inherent risks involved in entrepreneurship, a person can adapt, grow, and give their life greater meaning—much like how bodyguards are trained to remain calm under pressure. Instead of letting fear dictate your choices, embrace it and let it drive you to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Life-changing decisions can bring out the fear in all of us; it’s no wonder people hesitate to step out on their own and embark on their entrepreneurial journey. For those considering this path, a predictable job may seem appealing compared to the unknowns of starting a business. But ask yourself: What are you truly scared of? Temporary setbacks are just that—temporary.

The real fear to confront is insignificance. By not pursuing your dreams, you risk leading a life without a fulfilling purpose. Accept this fear and let it propel you forward in building your own enterprise. With time and experience, you’ll adapt to the challenges and risks involved, much like a security company manager in Los Angeles who trains bodyguards to remain calm under fire. By embracing risk and pursuing meaning, you can conquer your fears and create a life filled with significance.

Rediscovering Your Dream

To uncover your true passion, consider reflecting on your childhood dreams and pursuits, as they were often unaffected by societal expectations. Once you reconnect with those passions, adapt them to your adult life by aligning your gifts and skills for a more fulfilling journey.

Are you thinking about leaving your job to pursue your dream, but you’re unsure what that dream is? One way to decipher your true calling is by revisiting your childhood. As a child, you were likely unrestrained by societal pressures, and your desires were a result of genuine interests.

Nowadays, many people chase wealth, fame, and success. However, these aspirations may not align with your true passion. As a child, you probably didn’t worry about societal standards and pursued what brought you joy. For example, if you dreamt of becoming an astronaut, you might have focused on learning about the cosmos, constructing model rockets, or attending space camp. Reflecting on these early dreams can help reignite your passion and guide you to identify your calling as an adult.

After rediscovering your childhood passion, adapt it to your adult life by considering your unique gifts, abilities, and interests. Perhaps your astronaut dream lost momentum because you didn’t excel in science, but that doesn’t mean you need to abandon it completely. Find a path related to your passion that aligns with your natural talents and skill set.

Passion is crucial, but it’s important to keep in mind that pursuing it doesn’t always mean you’ll be working directly with the subject you love. For instance, you might be passionate about music and willingly invest time and resources into enjoying it. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily imply that you should become a musician, especially if your talents don’t lie in that area. Instead, consider pursuing roles like a producer, concert organizer, or music teacher, where your innate abilities align with your passion.

By revisiting your childhood dreams and aligning them with your adult skills and interests, you can discover a fulfilling path that combines genuine passion with talent, creating a foundation for long-term success and happiness.

Crafting Your Unconventional Dream Business

To transform your dream into a thriving business, identify a problem-solving idea that aligns with your passion. Make it unconventional to stand out from established competitors. Chuck Templeton’s OpenTable exemplifies this by addressing the restaurants’ need for customer information, while Netflix’s rule-breaking innovation disrupted the video rental industry, propelling the company to on-demand streaming dominance.

Once you pinpoint your dream, the quest of turning it into a flourishing business begins. Create a business idea that not only aligns with your passion but also tackles an existing problem. This will make people care about your dream. For example, Chuck Templeton’s OpenTable initially failed to entice restaurants, but with the added feature of providing customer information, it skyrocketed in demand, now boasting over 30,000 participating restaurants.

To truly stand out, your business must break the industry’s norms, distancing itself from direct competition with established firms that possess experience and an existing customer base. Disrupt the status quo and defy the expectations of your field. Netflix embodies this philosophy, disrupting the video rental industry by renting videos online and moving to on-demand streaming once the technology evolved. Today, Netflix champions the internet streaming sphere, fueled by its unorthodox and innovative approach.

Smart Finances for Startups

When embarking on a new business venture, it’s crucial to maintain a level-headed approach and carefully scrutinize your finances. A successful idea must be financially viable, generating enough profit to sustain your livelihood. Consider creating multiple revenue streams by offering related products or services, ensuring a robust and diverse income. Additionally, be vigilant about keeping expenses low without compromising service quality. Embrace cost-saving strategies, such as working from home, to maximize your chances of turning a profit.

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