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Summary of: Get It Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start
By: Michael Mackintosh


Embark on a transformative journey and discover the power of the ‘Unstoppable 21-Day Challenge’ with this captivating summary of Michael Mackintosh’s Get It Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start. Engage with 11 effective strategies to confront pain, optimal decision-making, prioritization, and managing fear and self-doubt. Learn the valuable significance of the 80/20 rule, the importance of ‘good enough’ over perfection, and the magic of focusing on ‘the Now.’ You will find yourself not only tackling your own internal resistance but also taking control of the limited resource of time within the palm of your hands.

Unleash Your Potential

Do you work hard but still struggle to achieve your goals? The “Unstoppable 21-Day Challenge” offers a reliable system to turn your big ideas into an actionable plan. However, it requires the right mindset. Many people are exhausted and busy, leaving them unable to pursue their dreams. But the “Unstoppable 21-Day Challenge” can help. Today is the start of your new life – one in which you achieve your potential.

Essential Tips for Achieving Success

“Essential Tips for Achieving Success” provides unconventional ideas for overcoming obstacles, tackling challenges, building self-confidence, and reaching your goals. The author presents 11 thought-provoking ways to approach pain, decision-making, prioritizing activities, and fears. The book offers applicable ideas on how to focus, reduce self-doubt, and manage time effectively. The reader will learn, among many things, the significance of taking time off to recharge, how to turn great ideas into practical realities, and how to let go of the perfectionism myth. This book is a dynamic and valuable self-help tool for anyone looking to progress towards their dreams.


Do you want to create a framework for success in life? Then take a look at the unconventional ideas presented in “Essential Tips for Achieving Success.” This book illustrates 11 thought-provoking ways to approach pain, decision-making, prioritizing activities, and fears. The tips in this book will help you break the old ineffective habits and replace them with new, actionable ideas that will lead you to discover your full potential.

Life is full of pain and discomfort; however, it is how you respond to that pain that makes all the difference. Instead of avoiding pain at any cost, face life’s problems head-on, and accept the change that comes with it. In line with this, the book provides tips for self-improvement, including embracing change, conquering self-doubt, and overcoming fear.

The book also introduces the 80/20 rule – 80% of your work generates only 20% of your results. Prioritizing your activities and identifying the 20% of actions that are most productive is the key to maximizing results. Overall, the focus is on effectiveness rather than perfectionism.

The author suggests that eliminating self-doubt happens when you shift your focus from the interior to the exterior. Helping others and being compassionate can help you achieve this. The book advises readers to be proactive and take action, rather than waiting for the right time.

The book also focuses on the value of taking breaks and recharging, as well as reducing the focus on time management and instead focusing on self-management.

In conclusion, this book offers excellent advice on how to break down barriers, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals. The author’s actionable ideas will help you to improve your focus, increase productivity, and transform your dreams into reality. “Essential Tips for Achieving Success” is an excellent resource for anyone committed to self-growth and achieving success.

The Unstoppable 21-Day Challenge

Learn a step-by-step system to complete projects faster and bring your ideas to life in just 21 days. The Unstoppable 21-Day Challenge helps you move from passive to active in three stages, giving you the tools to take control of your goals and overcome resistance. Without a clear plan, you risk being at the mercy of others, aimlessly drifting through life. With this challenge, you can win the war against resistance and achieve your desired outcome.

Conquer Internal Resistance

The first step towards achieving our goals is conquering our internal resistance. In this phase, we need to select one important goal that we can achieve in 21 days. We need to be clear about our goal and create a visual image of achieving it to fuel our motivation. Developing a plan of action to achieve the goal is crucial. Additionally, arranging for an outside influencer who can hold us accountable can serve as a driving force. Making our work environment perfect by eliminating distractions and organizing ourselves can help us focus better. Lastly, developing a daily and weekly action plan while keeping the 80/20 rule in mind is essential. By implementing these steps, we can overcome delay, sloth, and distraction and achieve our goals with ease.

Productivity in 21 Days

Within 21 days, become more productive by following three proven tools and strategies: creating a daily “impact” agenda, avoiding all distractions, and setting a timer for essential tasks. Your primary action steps will be listed in your daily agenda, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important each day. Stay away from time-wasting activities such as social media, the internet, TV, and your smartphone. Instead, use “the magic timer” for each task you focus on, ensuring that you stay on track and accomplish your objectives without fail.

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