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Summary of: How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It
By: Mark Cuban


Dive into the exciting journey of Mark Cuban, a self-made billionaire, as he shares his wisdom in ‘How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It’. This book summary will take you through Cuban’s humble beginnings in Dallas, where he started building his various skills and learning valuable lessons from different jobs, eventually leading to the founding of MicroSolutions and later,, which sold for a staggering $5.9 billion to Yahoo. Along the way, uncover the critical importance of adapting, never-ending learning, a relentless work ethic, and the significance of focusing on customers’ satisfaction.

Mark Cuban’s Path to Success

Mark Cuban’s story of success is one of determination and learning from one’s mistakes. Moving to Dallas with a few polyester suits and a broken-down car, Cuban took up a variety of jobs to learn different skills. Rather than relying on a single job, he believed that building diverse skills was the key to success. Cuban’s journey took him through various job experiences, including his time at Mellon Bank, where he learned programming. Although he was fired from his first job, he remained persistent and bought a computer, dedicating his time to self-learning. He eventually founded MicroSolutions, which he built into a successful company that generated over $30 million in revenue. Cuban’s story shows that a willingness to learn from experiences and move on from failures is essential for success.

From MicroSolutions to Maverick

The story of Mark Cuban and his business ventures from MicroSolutions to Dallas Mavericks.

Mark Cuban founded MicroSolutions, which he later sold for $6 million, and then went on to establish AudioNet, which he later renamed The latter was an internet radio platform that Yahoo eventually purchased for $5.9 billion. In line with his personal interests, Cuban reinvested his earnings from AudioNet to buy the Dallas Mavericks NBA team.

Cuban’s success story has vital entrepreneurial skills and timing. He understood customer satisfaction and offered tickets to Mavericks’ games for as little as $2 to make attending games affordable for everyone. He experienced the games alongside the team’s fans and ensured to listen to their feedback accordingly.

The example set by Cuban highlights the importance of reinvesting earnings to expand the business and pursue personal interests. It also emphasizes customer satisfaction as the heart of any business. Mark Cuban’s journey elucidates the importance of timing, determination, and persistence in creating a thriving business.

Never Stop Learning

In his book “How to Win at the Sport of Business,” Mark Cuban shares some of his most valuable lessons in his early adulthood while building and growing MicroSolutions into a successful business. One of the vital lessons he learned was to never stop learning. According to him, the key to staying ahead in the competition is to educate yourself continuously. Reading is one of the most accessible resources, and people do not take full advantage of it, so follow a different path and read as much as you can. Cuban spent his time studying, while others were watching television or having fun. He read about programming, famous entrepreneurs, and studied software manuals. Business is a competition, and to win, you need to preempt your competitors by keeping your head in the game. It would help if you tried to gain an edge on them by identifying weaknesses in your company before someone else does. Additionally, you should run your business as if you’re going to compete with the best to prepare you to deal with less dangerous competitors. Ultimately, in business, you have to be the smartest and most prepared person in the room with the will to win, willingness to sacrifice long hours, and treating people well. The game of business never ends, so don’t settle and think you’ve won because there’s always another company out to get you!

Achieving Success in Business

To achieve success in business, you must be willing to work tirelessly towards your goals, focusing on your effort and work ethic. Mark Cuban, the author, explains that by committing to staying up late, training every day, and educating yourself, you give yourself the best chance of success. However, it’s essential to decide which opportunities to take because you can’t take them all. Cuban advises against getting distracted by new opportunities that will derail you from your primary goals. For example, when the idea of the NBA league expanding to international levels came up, Cuban said no, knowing that it would distract from his team’s current focus. Finally, Cuban highlights that while hard work and commitment are crucial, you also need financial support to succeed in business. Therefore, entrepreneurs must seek funding to launch and grow their business. To summarize, successful businesses require a strong work ethic and a focus on goals along with wise choice-making regarding opportunities and adequate funding.

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