I’d Rather Be Reading | Anne Bogel

Summary of: I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life
By: Anne Bogel


Welcome to the delightful world of reading explored by Anne Bogel in her book ‘I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life’. Navigate through the personal experiences and life lessons derived from books, as well as the social and emotional aspects of reading. Discover the joy of finding a book twin, the evolution of readers over time, and the power of books in enriching our lives. Get ready to dive into this user-friendly language summary that spotlights the vital topics and themes for readers aged 20-40 seeking instructive and engaging insights about the unique wonders of books and the reading life.

The Power of Remembering Books

What we read can say a lot about us. It gives an insight into our souls, and it’s a crucial aspect of our personal growth. In this book summary, Anne Bogel shares the importance of keeping a record of our reading experiences. She reflects on how our favorite books can take us back to specific times in our lives, and how we can preserve their memories by logging them. Bogel recognizes that memories of reading can get mixed up and foggy, which is why keeping a detailed record can help us remember all the books we’ve read. By recording key scenes and memorable quotations from books, we can give them an afterlife they might not have had, and we’ll always be reminded of who we used to be.

The Power of Books

Books are not just sources of entertainment, they offer an immersive experience that enriches our lives by eliciting empathy, providing guidance during difficult times, and magically fitting into our situations. They can make us cry, smile, and dream, but most importantly, they can transform us. Just like the protagonist Kathleen in the movie You’ve Got Mail, books can come to life, and their impact can be everlasting.

The Evolution of a Reader

The author shares her journey of becoming a responsible reader, taking charge of choosing her books from being directed on what to read. From getting engrossed in childhood books to reading classics like Rebecca and Jane Eyre, the author found that with maturity, her reading preferences evolved, but her past reads remain with her. The experience of reading encapsulates the wonderful thing about aging; you do not lose what you have already lived through.

Building Friendships through Books

Books are not just for escapism, they are also social and communicative creations that can build friendships. Reading allows us to share our thoughts and when we find someone who shares our preferences, it can lead to a fantastic friendship. However, being judgmental towards others’ reading choices can harm friendships. The key to recommending books is to focus on what your friend will like, not what you think they should like.

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